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Mini tasting tomorrow Friday 11/8

Starting a thread here about a mini-tasting in Arlington tomorrow after work. Have too much haze that won’t last if we don’t drink it soon. @wutangfinancial @maniac @beastiefan2k @noodleuser @GenDV138 @radagast83 @nimbleprop @Iphonephan and anyone else in the area

New members welcome, shoot me a DM and swing by

I already mentioned it in the text chain, but I should be there around 8ish or so.

I’ll bring a non-hazy red ale that no one’s had. https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/beltway-batting-1000/726643/

Here’s that other Saudi beer btw @radagast83 @Iphonephan @GenDV138 @nimbleprop

Thanks for hosting this mini-tasting!

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