Mitch Steele (formerly of Stone) coming to Virginia?

A few excerpts:

An Atlanta brewery has purchased Green Flash Brewing Company’s equipment and apparently intends to move into its Virginia Beach brewery and taproom, according to the building’s owner.

A second source familiar with the situation confirmed the sale to New Realm Brewing. The source asked not to be identified because he didn’t have authority to speak on the record about the agreement.

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I am not familiar with New Realm, and their beers have few RB ratings. My interest is piqued. On a related note, Alex at Dominion W&B confirms that our supply of Alpine in VA will soon dry up now that Green Flash is moving out. Just when Nelson was moving to year-round too. Damnation.

Turns out they’re only buying the equipment. Ah well!

Plot twist!

I can’t handle this roller coaster. Has anyone tried New Realm?

No, but they do have a Radegast triple IPA

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