Molson acquires Trou du Diable

It’s all over Facebook here in Quebec.

Only link I have right now is in french sorry about that. Will post an english one as soon as I find one.

There’s a press conference planned for 10h30 am today.


Thoughts about this? I wasn’t aware they were already distributing in Europe.

I mean, it’s more or less the same as with any microbrewery sellout, they reached a point of impossible to expand within their legal limits, someone comes around with the power and the money to push the brand far far further so the sell the brand and keep the brewpub as a seperate business. These guys were also very successful from the go, brilliant marketing, sales and brand development so I’m not too surprised they weren’t one of the breweries that said “no” when the phone rang.

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They’ve been regularly on tap at both Moeder Lambics for at least a year now.

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(Yes, it’s bothersome to me too that your profile image has not propagated.)

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