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Monkeys popping up

Are there anyone that can get rid of this Monkey bussiness that pops up abotu every 10 rating.
I am fucking tired of this. and the only thing you can do about it is to close it.
Maybe thats the best thing about it I am afraid the answer would not be in a positive manner.


Yep, surely it should recognise if you’ve already given feedback and not come up again?

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I have to correct my statement.
It pops up not every 10 but every 5 times when I click on a beer from my tick only list and open that beer.
And you are not able to give any feet back, the box you get is the one showing and it is blank only thing you can co is close it.

I gave feedback the first time it came up. Not sure about you giving feet back, but pretty sure that if Joet & co were exposed to my feet they’d be willing to do anything on the site to make me take my feet away again. :wink:

Seeing is believeing.
I have no expectations that they will fix this one either.