More new beer science


beat me to it, was about to post the same thing.

I wish they would have included the IBU of the beer. Interesting concept but I imagine its like eating tofurkey, I guess its like hops but really doesn’t taste like hops.

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That’s an interesting discovery they made with the yeast. Thanks for posting this good read.

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Just read this on my way to work as well. Does anyone else think the argument concerning the need of water for the hop plants vs. synthetic flavours, the latter being more sustainable, is a bit weird?

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Not weird. Academic papers often require a practical application of the research even if that is not is the researchers’ actual reason for the work. But its not a crazy reason for the work.

This will stop us from growing breasts

I think you could make the argument that any synthetically made food alternative would be more sustainable than anything that uses water for growth. So I can see how perhaps it is silly to say that the synthetic hops are more sustainable only because this fact is obvious. This article did inspire me to look at the amount of water used for food, and it seems that a colossal amount is needed to produce the food we eat.


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Apparently the answer is: probably not and you have a lot more important things to worry about when it comes to beer consumption.