More stats: How obsessed are you?

That is, obsessed with rating the beers of your favorite breweries. Count the breweries you are the most prolific rater of. I am the top rater for 19 breweries at this time. Of course, this is a very fast changing statistic.

If you live in a country where you the sole user of RateBeer anymore, you can easily beat that :wink:


Can’t say I am obsessed with any stat here or anywhere else. I just keep on truckin…

Where do I find this?

I was going to check but I kept on getting logged out time after time. Can no one rid me of this meddlesome predicament??

I’m with @blipp, where can you find this without going to every brewery page, @trapped?


PS. I am slightly obsessed with Stats.

I went through most of the UK counties (apart from those I was sure would score nil for):

#1 for 32

But 6 of those are joint first.

I can’t be arsed to spend that much time checking to be honest @BeardedAvenger, I was hoping for an easy option to find my totals. Being retired gives me very little spare time.


Yeah, same. I live in a place with a lot of breweries and not a lot of raters… I’d guess I’m top rater for at least 50.

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Hey, I think I may be the top rater for at least two Southern Californian breweries!

You are never alone with a FISH.


Hahah, wouldn’t be surprised if you had several in Orange County! I’m up there occasionally to visit my in-laws, but when I have the chance to go out I’m usually visiting the same handful of places.

I have just spent another 5 weeks in OC @blipp, my Californian place reviews now sit at 115 and beers at 955. Miles behind your good self on the beer count, but I lead on place reviews.

Below are just three breweries I thought might show me as ‘the leader’.


106 on de Garde, 73 on Hill Farmstead and 55 on Bokkereyder are probably some highlights…

De Ranke, De La Senne, Mikkeller Baghaven and a few Bavarian ones would be important to me !

You are indeed the top rater for Methode Goat/Bokkereyder, but not for the other two