Most epic journeys to get the beer you want

I’ve road-tripped a dozen hours and slept in the Dogfish Head parking lot, hiked and hitchhiked across Belgium for Westvleteren, hit 61 Portland breweries in a single day, I’ve hitchhiked thousands of miles in the US just to hit breweries, kayaked down rivers and hiked over mountain passes for beer.

What sort of adventures or wild circumstances have you all found yourself in on the mission for a particular beer or brewery?

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Flying from London to Santiago, Chile via Rome with Alitalia (who lost all our luggage for 4 days) to join a 14 night cruise from Santiago to Buenos Aires via Cape Horn and the Falkland Islands to meet up with the brewer from Falkland Beerworks for a brewery tour and share/collect some of his beers…


Renting a car in Belgrade with @luttonm, @heavy and heavy’s GF (and now wife), travelling through the endless flat fields of Banat to get into Timisoara, Romania. Being looked at like aliens by the border guards when faced with 3 Croatian and one American passport from a Serbian car on the Serbia-Romania border, trying to buy the vignette for the road at the border and at 10 different gas stations along the way, with everyone saying that they don’t have it and that the next station will. Ending up in the town in the end without getting the vignette (or being stopped by the police). Going to the only local micro brewery - Clinica de Bere, only to find out they don’t have beer on tap or singles to buy (only crates), but they gave us samples to try and we bought some merchandise.

We had a really fun day really around the town before returning, trying to buy the vignette on the way back and failing, only for the border guard, who asked us where our vignette was telling us he couldn’t believe our story that we couldn’t buy it anywhere, but letting us go through as it was our first time in Romania. :smiley: Then we managed to get lost for a short while in the middle of nowhere, Serbia on some back roads we accidentally got on to because why would roads among endless fields have any proper signs and lights, of course. :smiley:

Will probably remember some other stories.


I’ve driven 100 miles round-trip to a store just across the NC state line to Va.
I’ve also driven 35 miles out of my way to meet my daughter at my favorite Total Wine in Fredericksburg, Va.
But that only made things easier for her.

Pales in comparison to the stuff you guys go through.

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Marcus and I. Heading to De Heeren van Liedekercke. We’d done it before. Still we got off the train at Liedekercke instead of Denderleeuw. Not even taxis available. No appropriate train for hours. We got directions. Off to the country; over the canal. Turned left instead of right. Walked for over an hour on strange paths. Lots of farm piles of animal poo. The path took us back to Liedekercke. Shoot. Caught a train to Brussels and got off at Denderleeuw the next day. Lost a good half day of beer drinking time. Doesn’t get worse than that.