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The total number of regions has taken off recently, much to our delight. With the addition of the Czech regions there are now 174 to do.
The local Admins are toiling away getting Czech Breweries and Places up and running but they are feeding through.
I now have 139 Regions with perhaps a few more to come with currently having 6 of the 14 Czech Regions and 95 more ratings to come.
@Ompher is currently top of the number of regions chart with 167, I don’t even creep into the bottom, needing another 3 to do that.


The headers on this page should probably say “Regions” and not “States” @services


Currently sat on 156 Regions, hoping to sneak a few more as the Czech areas are completed.

Actually I am on 160 if I count them, some of the Czech ones haven’t been added to the overall total list yet.


I’m up to 10 Czech regions now. Coming along nicely.

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I’m on 9 at the moment; 42 beers done, 69 to go!


A region tick for me is when I have rated a place in a region :grinning:

I do both. Just got to 40 US states with place rates I don’t think any are just from airports bars. I do have a uk county just from a bar at Manchester airport

Made it to the list with 153. I’m the user with lowest no of rates there, one of two with less than 10k (other being @martjoobolut ). We’ll see for how long I’ll be there since users need to rate a beer for their stats to be updated.

I would be actually over 10 000 if I put in all my stuff from untappd (since 2019.10 or so I have only entered stuff from rb trades + just to get the counties + just some random thingies).

That being said, the list is only updated when user enters a new rating, There are guys like Marduk who will probably enter a rating and get to the top before me and you and there are guys like travlr who probably will never enter another rating, but would be in the top otherwise.

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Actually Gene is a bit behind in Scotland and stands at 166. So he wouldn’t been on top. Once all the others countries are split I’ll get him to enter a new rating.

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I’ll have 155 when I rateabeer tomorrow. Also have last 3 Scotchland regions in the cellar to rate. I’ve not finished RB either.

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I am sitting equal 10th with 165 different regions, but as has been stated; once ‘the big boys’ rate a beer again I will fall away a bit.


I’m at 141 now with Netherlands, thought since that isn’t finished I may get a couple more. I don’t expect to jump higher on the list much until we get to Latin American regional splits, then I’m laughing all the way to the bank between Mexico, Argentina and Chile


Now that The Netherlands have been added (I’ve managed 10 of the 12) I am sat equal 16th on 175 different regions. Latin America will kill me though, like most Europeans.


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Over a thousand rates in the Netherlands and not a single one from Flevoland :joy:


Sweet, just got Overjissel added in late Dutch adds! Thanks to a wonderful beer called the Amsterdam Maximator… can’t believe such a gem was left till the end. 142 now.


That «beer» is pure poison😱

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Definitely classifies as drainpoor.

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Are you guys saying I was too kind in my rating? :rofl:

It just goes to show that every beer has its benefits :grinning:

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