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Mothers Day 14th March 2021

Any plans?

We started the day with a cheap Pink Prosecco in a posh bottle and intend to have a cider day later.


1st Cider being this pretty sweet offering!


Cider number two!


Ciders 3 and 4 followed along nicely: Table now has a covering as the meal is almost ready.


Last Cider of the day, five is enough in my opinion.


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We’re celebrating next week as it’s Mother’s Day in my wife’s home country. It’ll also be the day before she submits the final draft of her PhD so there will certainly be a glass ir three raised. I’ll probably call my mom Stateside but shell wonder why as the US Mother’s Day isn’t until May.

In the interim we’ve got some Belgians by way of Sophie’s Beer Store at the ready.


I was designated driver in going to the mother in-law so decided not to drink until I got back home. I’m not really into wine but it sounds like I missed out on a good bottle of red but I can live with that!

I’ve had the two M&S ciders you posted which were reasonable.

You have also reminded me that I need to make a trip my local garden centre, they have a number of ciders and meads I would like to try.

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I am a bit late in rating Ciders, only started last year, so it’s an easy way of keeping my ratings ticking along by visiting supermarkets and not spending too much. I haven’t looked for exotic or expensive ones as yet, just own brands and well known nationals that are simple to find. Most of those have now been found, so I may have to start being a little more ‘picky’ with my ciders soon.

One of our local Garden Centres (Dobbies) used to have a very good selection of beer and cider (don’t remember any Mead), but the last time I went in it had all changed and everything had disappeared.


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