Mountain USA in June

Was going to open this thread a bit later on, but with recent development of things it may be too late.
I should be visiting USA in June. Plan is to visit Denver and the surrounding area (Greeley, Fort Collins, possibly Boulder), Rocky Mountain National Park, Glenwood Springs, Utah NPs (Canyonlands, Bryce), Salt Lake City and Grand Teton and Yellowstone before coming back to Denver.

If any of the Ratebeerians in area want to meet for a beer please let me know. I can bring over some Croatian or European beers.


thats my type of vacation! lot of driving though. i’m no where near there but planning on going to Utah in July i think.

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I reckon that you will dig Fort Collins…

Yeah, FC should be good. I’m considering staying in Casper for one night. Red Lodge to Denver seems like too much driving for one day and Casper is half way between those two.

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If you do, let me know. The beers are on me. :wink:

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Sure, that’d be great, let me know what dates you are looking at. I’m in SLC.
I will be out of town June 8 - 24th though.

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Hit me up if you come to Utah!

Will do! although my trips are fast and furious so finding good time to meet may be tricky. I’ll post when I iron out details. I’ll be hiking Kings Peak and haven’t decided if want to do in 2 or 3 days backpacking. Also if I want squeeze in some white water rafting in dinosaur national monument.


Stop into Strange Craft / Wits End in Denver and we’ll drink a few!

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

Gene told me you were the one to contact in Utah/SLC. Unfortunately I should be in SLC on 13th and 14th, if you change plans by any chance let me know.

Will do, both are on my list.

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We did a very similar trip back in 17. We covered the stretch from Denver to Pinedale in one day. Long drive but Pinedale is an authentic little western town and there’s a brewpub where you can pick up a big flight to pad out your Wyoming ticks. Jackson Hole is a blast. We went white river rafting on the Snake. Expensive town though. Book your accommodation well in advance or you might have trouble. To save a few bucks we stayed over the mountain in Victor, Idaha. There’s a brewery over there you should probably check out anyway—Grand Teton. They do some good stuff. If you’re going into Yellowstone I can recommend staying up by the north entrance. Quiet, not so many tourists, drops you straight into Lamar Valley. The Beartooth Cafe in Cooke City has a surprisingly broad selection of brews.

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I’d be down to meet up in Denver. Drop a line!

Thanks for the tips! I’ll check Pinedale. We also plan to stay in Idaho (probably Driggs) and make a day trip to Tetons.

Great! I’ll contact you closer to the date when I sort out all the details.

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Hell yeah, Grand Teton is doing some good stuff. The sours that they have recently added are turning my head.

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Anyone from Denver crew planning a trip to Weldwerks Invitational? @wchesser @Ratman197

One of my reasons for June visit was this festival, so I’ll definitely try to buy tickets and attend. What are my options to get to Greeley from Denver? Any public transport?

No, but I’m going to be pouring beer at the Avery Invitational on June 8th!

Oh that one was on my list as well. However since Avery couldn’t confirm the date I made different plans. Planning to visit Casey on Sunday.

It’s on Saturday.

Yeah, but on Saturday the plan is to drive through RM NP and visit St James and Outer Range. After spending night in Frisco it’s easy drive to Casey on Sunday.
I’ve considered going from Denver straight to Casey on Sunday, but there is a lot to see between those two and it would be a shame to drive straight through.

Trying to find balance between beer and other stuff so some compromise has to be made (and I’ll be visiting with my significant other). I’ll probably stop at Avery on Friday.

Sounds like a great plan! Let me know if and when you plan on stopping by Strange Craft/Wit’s End.