Moving to the Netherlands

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this is actually kind of an off-topic, so if anyone thinks this doesn’t belong here just let me know and I’ll get rid of the post!

So I’m a brewer (adding this bit for relevancy haha) and I scored a job in Alkmaar, and now the plan is that we’re moving there with my wife - so much about the fun part.
We had to realise that the housing situation is even worse than what we’d read about beforehand, it’s been a month and saying we didn’t even come close to finding a place is an understatement. There are only a handful of listings for Alkmaar on each property websites we’ve been checking out, half of wich is waay above our paygrade and/or unreasonably big for the two of us and other half we applied for is already rented out/there are many applicants for them, or something like these. I know most of you know all about this problem, so I’m gonna cut it short, what I’ve wantedt to ask is if anyone has any useful advice or tips as to what to do (other than keep trying, of course), or perhaps knows someone who happens to have a place in Alkmaar they’ve been meaning to rent out to a young couple…

Any help is much appreciated, many thanks in advance!

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Finding an affordable house in the Netherlands is a big problem. Maybe try neighboring villages north from Alkmaar (kop van Noord Holland) like Schagen or Opmeer and get a second hand electric bicycle to get to your job. Good luck!

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Congrats Mark! I can’t help you with your problem, but maybe Alkmaar local @Borresteijn can?

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Hi @midovark, congrats on the job! Moersleutel, by any chance?

Anyway, I’d indeed, like bierkoning said, also look beyond Alkmaar, into Heerhugowaard (I live there) or Sint Pancras / Broek op Langedijk / Noord & Zuid-Scharwoude (I lived there in my childhood). Not the most exciting places, but at biking distance of Alkmaar, or at most a half an hour bus ride. Places to the south, like Heiloo, Castricum are also worth looking into, but are more popular (closer to the beach) so chances might be even more slim to get a house there.

If I hear about a place coming up for rent I’ll let you know. And you probably already know these sites, but here’s a few links to well-known housing sites in NL.
Good luck!


Thanks for the tips! We’ve actually been through most of the sites mentioned, but only focused on Alkmaar so far, maybe it’s worth looking beyond. Another (if not a bigger) problem is that my wife didn’t find a job yet so it’s really hard to decide on the budget as it feels rather uncertain :smiley: I know it’s a long shot, but if any of you hear anything about a position in online marketing/e-commerce let me know please, will you? :upside_down_face:

@Borresteijn yup, it’s Moersleutel indeed :slight_smile:


Maybe your wife could consider a job in homecare (thuiszorg) or in a pub/restaurant/hotel while applying for better/more suitable jobs in e-commerce. They urgently need extra staff there and not being able to speak perfect Dutch yet won’t be too much of a problem. The wages aren’t that good, but hey, its a start.

I think we might have one or 2 digital marketing positions at my employer, MSD (pharmaceutical industry). We’re located in Haarlem, not too far from Alkmaar.
Please check location, as we also have affiliates in Boxmeer and Oss, far from Alkmaar.
If there is a position she’s interested in, let me know, so she can use my name as reference.

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