Munich & Bamberg (26/03-31/03)

I’m planning a trip to Munich and Bamberg and I have a few questions.
1- 30/03 is a bank holiday. I’ll mostly go sightseeing that day, but will there be bierhalls open?

2- Are there anys seasonals worth seeking out there?

3-Any recommended (beer-related or non beer-related) stop between Munich and bamberg?

I’ve already read this thread:

I’ve taken a lot of ideas from @konstifik trip. I think I’ll be doing something similar to his trip.


1- I think the large beer places will be open on Good Friday, but smaller places might not be.

2- It’s Starkbierzeit, meaning there will be a couple of Bocks out, but nothing out of the ordinary in Munich. When you are in Bamberg, though, hope that Fastenbier is still available at the Schlenkerla. Also, just yesterday I found one of the best Bocks I’ve ever had in the Huppendorfer Josefi-Bock, purchased at the Rewe in Bamberg (Pödeldorfer Str.).

3- Are you going by train or by rental car? If by train, then not so much, though the Landbierparadies bottle shop in Nürnberg is definitely worth a stop and only a good 5-10 minutes walk away from the train station.

If you have a car or a certain amount of extra time on the way up, then I can definitely recommend to visit some of the rural breweries especially the ones in Hallerndorf (Witzgall, Roppelt, Lieberth and Gänstaller by appointment) and Buttenheim (Löwenbräu Buttenheim, St. Georgen).

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