Munich Fever

I have Munich Fever. I have been there once in 2001, but I was young and didn’t have ANY planned itinerary. I have recently purchased the Beer Drinkers Guide to Munich and I am quite excited to revisit. Staying in Weihenstephan one night, then exploring some on the more inner city beer gardens. A trip to Andech the next day. Scheming on making the jaunt out to Erdinger, Aying. So many world class spots. quite excited. Any Munich advice?

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yeah, skip Erding :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously, though:
a lesser-known place with good beers and a nice in-town beer garden you shouldn’t miss out on is the Paulaner Bräuhaus at Kapuzinerplatz, which has an onsite microbrewery and brews an excellent Zwickl -

The Paulaner am Nockherberg was recently renovated and has a range of house beers. You can easily tick them off in a sampler tray, but it’s quite an expensive place.

For a cheap Tankovarny Helles and Franconian sausages, go to Bufet right next to the Hauptbahnhof -

For the best Augustiner in town from gravity for a very good price, skip all Augustiner places and go to Restaurant Isarthor (but whatever you do, don’t eat there) -

And for food, go to Ayingers am Platzl, as has already been suggested.

If you want to meet some ratebeerians for a beer, let me know! We have a little RB community in Munich.


There are two addresses in München I always recommend:

There is no need to recommend where to eat, since in MÜ everwthing is good when it comes to german food, but let me suggest these 2:


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I just got back from Munich. It was my third time. I would say get out of town and go to Bamberg. Even with limited time, I think Bamberg is a good option.

Regarding some of the recommendations, I thought Giesinger Bräu’s beer was just average, but food and service were awesome. Hit there for lunch.

If you have a nice day, the atmosphere at Chinese Clock Tower in English Garden is amazing. Its the perfect beer garden IMO, but only HB on tap - though they had numerous seasonals when I was there last month.

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Thanks for all the ideas and recommendations.
I am doing two nights in Bamberg prior to Munich. I have done the better part of a week there in 2003 so I imagine I have a pretty good idea of what I am getting into there.
After that I head to Freising/Weihenstephan. Any recommendations for Freising? I will only be there one afternoon…maybe even just a few hours before heading to Weihenstephan.
Two nights in Munich after that, staying right by the Hohenzollerplatz U stop.
I really want to visit Kloster Andechs, but don’t want to squander too much time on the train. I realize I can visit Andescher am Dom, but by the same token I can buy Andecher Doppelbock at my local grocery store…so more going for the experience/atmosphere…hoping for some ticks still of course.
Erdinger still looks good to me, but I suppose I will cross that off the list for this trip.
Aying beckons as well, and seems pretty easy to get to.
Inner City-ish spots…Hirschgarten, Seehaus, Bruckenwirt, Paulaner Brauhaus…really the Beer Drinker’s guide book makes me want to visit almost everywhere.

Huber Weisse (at Hofbrauhaus Freising) is the stuff the locals drink - nobody drinks Weihenstephan in Freising.

Reviving this thread to seek recommendations for Munich. Will be spending 5 days there in mid-October (missing Oktoberfest, unfortunately). Staying in the Glockenbachviertel area, near Alter Südfriedhof. Looking for advice on must-visit beer destinations and fun tourist attractions. First time that my wife and I are visiting the city. All suggestions appreciated. Cheers

be happy!

that is a great location to stay.

Best craft beer place in town is Frisches Bier, Thalkirchner Str. 53, just a mere 200m from Alter Südfriedhof.

Around the corner, there is a brand new brewpub that opened just last week. “True Brew Co.”, the beers are not bad.

  • Paulaner am Kapuzinerplatz, which I already mentioned in this thread, is also close to where you’re staying, and they have nice food and good beer brewed by the onsite microbrewery (and not by Paulaner, the macrobrewery).

  • going to must-visits: If you want to get the best Munich Helles possible, you need to skip the Augustiner places and go to Restaurant Isarthor (Kanalstr. 2) to drink Augustiner.

  • I think Schneider Weisse im Tal (Im Tal 7) is a must. Fresh Hopfenweisse on tap is tasty.

  • There is a fun event happening in Aying on the weekend of the 13th of October, the Kirta. The brewpub in Aying is worth a visit on its own, if you are not here on that weekend.

  • If you can’t make it to Aying, Ayingers am Platzl has many of their beers. However, condition of the beers has declined over the past couple times I was there.

  • If you are foodies, Ambar Bistro (Tegernseer Landstr. 25) is a super-nice Naples-style bistro that has some of the best Italian food I’ve ever had, and a nice menu of local craft beers. Giesinger is located just a short walk away from it too.

  • There is a 50-tap bar close to the Ostbahnhof, “Tap House”, which might be of interest if you want to tick things.

Tourist things:

  • The Deutsches Museum is probably one of the most worthwile museum visits ever, if one of the days has bad weather. It’s a science & technology museum. You could spend weeks there if you are into that kind of thing.

  • A hike up to Kloster Andechs is a great thing to do also for non-beery people if the weather fits.

If you want to meet up one of these nights, send me a beermail, I’d be happy to guide you!


I really, really, really recommend picking up “The Beer Drinkers Guide To Munich”.

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My suggestion then is to plan a day trip to Nürnberg or Bamberg. Five days in München are too much (imho)

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Thank you so much for this. We’ll be pursuing many of these recommendations. I’ll DM you if we’re able to meet up. Cheers!

I definitely suggest a trip to Aying, with car it’s very close. I suggest a visit to the brewery and also a lunch at the Bräustübe, and try also their Zwickl which is available only in Aying.
Also Schneider Weisse is not to miss IMO.

Just wanted to thank everyone again for the very useful recommendations. We ended up going to most of the places suggested and had a great time as a result. Your help is much appreciated. Cheers!