Munich Oktoberfest Cancelled!

Was 19th Sep-4th Oct.


Well, we will survive anyway :smiley:

There are better festivals that have been cancelled due to Covid-19 here in Germany :cry:

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Who cares… Absolutely NOT important for serious beer-drinkers… :grinning:

The relevance is the date of course, sets the tone for the rest of the year

Precisely @trapped.


Maybe they should delay it to October, and call it Novemberfest. But no, a friend said it is too wet to drink outside in October in Munich.

The issue is that you need months to set the area for the Oktoberfest. They could not start building it now and risk to cancel it in September.

In Germany, events are officially suspended until August the 31st, so datewise it was not an issue. The issue is that they cannot foresee how it will be by the end of September. I suppose that small, not very crowded craft beer gatherings can still take place in Germany. Oktoberfest moves billions of people, it was not the case to make it this year

That’s precisely the point. The opening up will not mean back to the pre-covid life, until there is a vaccine.