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Where outside of Hop Dog Can I find beers served B.A in Munich?
There seems to be a million augustiner places but which one serves the freshest beer?
Also I noticed augustiner dunkel and munchener dunkel should be aliased.



Gasthaus Isarthor usually serves Augustiner in very good condition.
Alternatively you can try Bratwurstglöckl am Dom if you happen to be in the town centre.

BA beers only make random appearances here. Frisches Bier ot the Taphouse

Thanks for pointing out the Dunkel dituation, that a nonsense :slight_smile:

Non of the bigger places serve their beers “Bayerisch Anstich”?
Thanks Jonas

The Pschorr Wirtshaus @ Viktualienmarkt has Hacker-Pschorr Edelhell from wooden casks

they do, Augustinerkeller usually has Edelstoff on gravity, but the gravity Helles at Isarthor (only on gravity during evenings) and at Bratwurstglöckl are the better experience.

Also, the Bräustuben (near Hackerbrücke) serves insanely fresh Augustiner (from tap though).

Other places that have gravity pours include:

  • Ayinger am Platzl (unfortunately, they care much more for food quality than for beer condition - I’ve had some garbage gravity pours here)

  • and if you’re lucky, Paulaner BräustĂĽberl near Goetheplatz, but it also depends on the day and time of day.

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