Must-visit breweries and bars in London

A friend of mine is visiting London and asked me to recommend the best breweries and/or beer bars in London. He will be in Kensington, but will have time to travel about. Any help is appreciated.


A lot of the breweries only open on Saturdays, though he’ll find some of the Bermondsey ones now open Fri & Sun too. I’d look at spending Friday evening there, visiting Brew By Numbers, Anspach & Hobday, Moor Beer, Partizan and maybe Southwark (for the cask beers). Bottle Shop Bermondsey is open every evening, and worth a visit.

Then Saturday could be freed up for a trip to Tottenham, for Pressure Drop and Beavertown in particular. There’s also Hale, Brewhedz and Bohem in the area, but they’re a stiff old walk, and the first two will keep him going a while…

There’s plenty of decent keg craft bars, but for cask craft, I’d go to any of the Craft Beer Co outlets, the Waterloo Tap or the Euston Tap.

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The Market Porter across from Borough Market (not on the London Bridge tube side of the street) should not be missed in these days of diminishing cask ale engines.

Cloudwater opened in Bermondsey last week … 1500 opening Weds - Fri.

Obviously open at the weekend too … check their website.


Not a place any of us based in London tend to go to anymore.

Choice of cask ales can be pedestrian and I’ve not been wowed by the cellarmanship on my most recent visits … given all the Craft Beer Co venues hold a dozen or so cask pumps I’d always reccomend one of their pubs over the MP if you’re after well kept and a good choice of cask.

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Good to hear its open, we will certainly pay a visit to Cloudwater when we get there next week (Friday 30th Nov). It seems most places now open Friday afternoon/evening which is a bonus. So going to visit all the usual places, but whats the deal with “The Barrel Project” is it worth a stop as well?


Never been … it wasn’t open the last Saturday I was down but @mR_fr0g posted a picture of the tap list to me a few weeks ago and it looked pretty decent. A good 20 taps, maybe 7 or 8 of their own , the rest guests.

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Agree the MP is not what I recall. Good to hear new cask venues are rising. Any near London County Hall?

This a 5 or so minutes walk past Jubilee gardens and under a railway arch.

Quite a small venue but 8 well kept cask lines.

It is an ok, place, from the ratings I see that it has improved since I was there last.

I am going London too next week but will have a tight schedule with customer conference and dinners in the evening arranged at crappy places. I see that I might have a window on thursday night few hours to try to find something that fit my kind of beer better than the standard industrial.

Will be located just across Canary whart and are unsecure if I should cross with the ferry or try to go for the breweries on the other side that evening.

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Thanks - That’s quite near!

I’ve laid out quite an itinerary for myself, as I’ll be there from Nov 29th through December 7th. I need to double check the opening times though, thanks for the heads up

Canary Wharf … once a beer desert at least has a couple of venues worth visiting now.

Brewdog opened there last month (not been) and there’s also a Fullers craft house - the Merchant (20 or so taps plus bottles/cans).

Good and varied range and I often pick up 3 or 4 new beers there.

Both these venues keep a fairly reliable up to date tap list, BD their own site, and both BD and the Merchant on Untappd.

There’s another venue with 20 taps (can’t recall name) that opened in the summer but it’s a rather more pedestrian list in terms of the hardened ticker finding new stuff.

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Damn place is full of suits! But the Siren Accept All Cookies was worth the congestion. I’ll get back tomorrow at an earlier time.

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There’s a few decent places around Waterloo now. Kings Arms is a really nice old fashioned pub, maybe 8 minutes from Waterloo Tap, that has an array of cask and keg. Slightly further away and owned by the same people is Mc and Sons. Not been yet but they specialise in Irish craft beer. For keg you’ve also got Bar Under The Bridge, just around the corner from Waterloo Tap, it’s under the bridge. And then various other places that could form a small crawl: Understudy, Ring, Fountain & Ink.

Plus Hop locker 1 (Friday - Sunday) in the food market and the beer hawk bar.

I move offices to Southwark next week … 5 years ago the southwark / Waterloo area was a beer desert.

Pretty tidy now … and 2 stops to Bermondsey as added bonus!

Stratford to Hackney Wick and Hackney
Tap East
Beer Merchants Taproom
Howling Hops Tank room
Crate Brewery
Cock Tavern
St Johns brewery tap
Pressure Drop/Verdant taproom
Deviant and Dandy taproom

Did this crawl a few weeks ago and got 24 winners.


3 PM and the suits are at work. Loud convos but lots of seating in Waterloo Tap

Just added this as a list on Google Maps. Have only been to Hackney once as it’s too far Up North for me but will have to head there at some point.