Mutant Brewing Co., England

A few days ago I had a Mutant IPA (5%, keg) at 3at3, Ely. According to untappd, it is brewed by Mutant Brewing Company, England - but no town or address provided. They also have a DIPA. Searching RateBeer gives no result, quaffale neither, and searching the web in general nothing more (except untappd), facebook only refers to 3at3.

Can any of you solve this mystery?

Untappd and 3at3 are correct (probably). Mutant Brewing Co is the brewery, they have a keg of their IPA for sale via EeBria trade at the moment.

I also couldn’t find an address other than “Sussex” (East Sussex, assuming their Twitter location is correct in that they’re based in Brighton). The brewery joined twitter in 2017 but never actually tweeted anything, so I imagine it’s a very small setup - there’s no record of any company by this name on Companies House so they’re either trading as a different name or it’s possibly currently a glorified homebrew thing.

That said, the head brewer is the same person from which is in a very similar location, so I’d guess it’s related to that operation in some way.

Maybe getting a can would be helpful.

There are ratings on Untappd of Goldmark DIPA which include references to it being Mutant.

Goldmark’s brewer has it on his Twitter feed as one of their keg releases.

Take a look at Nick_Allen (@le_baron387):

Another oldschool brewery moving into faux craft label scumbaggery.

Thanks - I’ll add it under Goldmark for the time being. Feel free to move it, if it turns out that Mutant Brewing Co. is a more independent enterprise.

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