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My 1st Beery Trip since Feb 2019

Hi everyone/anyone.

Just returned from a ten day visit of Germany.

Master plan was to re-visit Berlin, then hit Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Bremen to review some places, therefore completing my quest to visit all the German Regions.

Secondary mission was to rate a load more beers from Bremen to push my totals up.

All objectives were met:

I have now reviewed somewhere in every Bundeslander. (I managed 12 new reviews overall).
59 new beer rates, 10 were from Bremen.



pics? beer menus? general thoughts?

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Nice. Bring any goodies back?

Berlin was Berlin and as always great fun, visited some old favourites and found some new places too. Love visiting the city, but the prices are beginning to get higher, even in the local bars/kneipen, plenty of cheap Spatzi around though!

Schwerin and Wismar in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are pretty towns, not really beer destinations but we managed to drink plenty of beers while wandering around like normal tourists.

Bremen was hard work. Becks Brewery seem to have cornered the market with their beers everywhere. Bremen bars don’t open on Sundays or Mondays (very few anyway), so we struggled to find any new rates until the Tuesday.

We spent an afternoon and evening at the huge Freimarkt, but again Becks (and some of their friends) monopolised the choices; we did find a bar selling Andechs Dunkel Double Bock though, so not all bad.

This is beer list at the Bremer Braumanufaktur Bar inside Markthalle Acht in Bremen.

Tap List in Biererei Bar & Vintage Cellar, Berlin.

Tap list in Ols, Oldenburg.

Me taking a breather at the Bremen Freimarkt.



No @Grumbo, we flew cheapo with Ryanair with just a small cabin bag (less than £50:00 return for both of us, Standstead to Berlin, coming back from Bremen). That was the cheapest part of the holiday!


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Café am Neuen See, Berlin.

Brauhaus am Lohberg zu Wismar.

Schüttinger Brauerei, Bremen.



I think :panda_face: if put in a gallon bag are under the restrictions for carry on/cabin stowage.

@shig, 100ml is the limit for liquids, maximum of 10 items.

So if you don’t use shampoo, aftershave, armpit stuff, tooth paste, etc, etc you could bring 10 small Panda’s on board.


Yes, that’s a nice 10 new tick haul. You don’t need to bring any of those others back as all are easy replaceable at Poundland.

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Always cool to see different tap lists around the world, thanks for sharing!


Wow, sounds like OLs has really expanded. Last time I was there, back in 2018, we found 4 taps, all of them OLs. Thanks for the info.

Nice report @BlackHaddock and well done on ticking all your Bundesländer off :slight_smile:

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