My 2017 in review

As discussed here: Golden ale: the new "quintessential" British beer style?
this was the year where golden ales became my most rated style for the first time.

A surprisingly poor showing for me this year. A Heineken brew scraped into my annual top 20. Youngs Ram Rod made it into my top 50. And my highest rating for a cask beer was 3.5/5, so nothing that really amazed me. Need to make more of an effort to get some great draught beers in 2018.

My 2017 was not as exciting as I had hoped.

1248 new rates.
Golden Ales being the most rated style (also for the first time), with Bitter being pushed back into 4th place by IPA’s and APA’s (6 weeks in California being the main reason for the APA’s).

Pleased with 111 place reviews, will try to keep that sort of number for 2018, maybe less beers though, over 100 a month is a bit too much (again California and it’s Flights being the main reason I have rated so many beers in 2017).

Only 11 beers scored over 4.0 out of those 1248 rates, diverse bunch though.

Top Cask ale was a Mild at 4.1


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My 2017 was quite similar. Lots of goldens, IPAs and APAs, although I pushed up my ratings of imperial stouts and sours.

Tried a lot of new (for me) breweries: 234. Discovered some great producers.

I rated a load of good places - 155 - although almost all of them were in the UK. Hoping to rate a similar amount in 2018 although it’s getting more difficult!

I’m proud to say that 2018 has begun well. I drank no golden/ blonde beers but plenty of other styles. With luck I will keep using the pale ales to lower my golden quotient and also build up the stout and porter imperial scores. Had Founders CBS over the weekend and loved it.

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I’ve had a few golden ales in 2018, but I’ve also tried CBS. So it’s all good :slight_smile:

IPA 223 ratings
APA 210
Golden/Blond 141
Session IPA 90
Cider 89

A lot of the IPA and APA are from The Kernel. But if I have to choose just one beer from a brewery then I will always try their APA or IPA first as a preference.
Surprised by the Cider high numbers. Although I have tried to climb up the style numbers for cider.

Having said that of my top 10 rated beers last year
3 lambics
3 imperial stouts
1 imperial ipa
1 ipa
1 ice cider
1 apa

1001 beers from England

Top brewers 2 from California in Monkish and Alesmith and 2 from Belgium , 3 Fonteinen and Boon.

85 new beers from The Kernel

Well I am a novice by comparison but this was the year a bitter porter drinker drank more blonde, IPA and APA. And my top beers were keg not cask. I expect Kernel would feature a lot if I was either London based or bottle keen. And maybe 2018 is the moment when my Belgian intake reaches respectability.

I’d forgotten all about this so looked for the first time just now.

Top styles were …

IPA … 441
APA … 323
Imperial IPA … 276
Imperial Stout … 217
Sour Wild …188

47 beers rated at 4.1 or higher

Cloudwater and Verdant were the only 2 UK brewers in my top rated breweries

After England the US of A was next most rated country @518 … Scotland a distant 3rd @144.

307 / 365 days sticking a rate in

456 new breweries rated

Place ratings at a paltry 28 …an all time low I imagine.

Not from lack of travel purely trying to keep on top of my beer backlog which I’ve trimmed from 800+ to around 350 over the past 2 months so hopefully I’ll get back on the place rating pace sooner rather than later !