My 2017 tidbits

Now that the My 2017 page is live on our profiles, who has some interesting info nuggets to share?

I discovered that my highest-rated beer and brewery were Bulgarian. :bulgaria:

“349 beer reviews in 2017 from 275 breweries, 183 breweries were tried for the first time”.

I guess I’m slightly surprised by the low beers-per-brewery ratio.

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My highest rated wasnt a beer, but a mead - Superstition Grand Cry Berry FO Barrel Aged!

477 new breweries tried.

Another surprise looking at my top 50 is that i like Imperial Stouts :slight_smile:

one of my most common tags in the year was #non-vegan!

Checking in the higest rated breweries and it’s bringing back some nice memories.

  1. Superstition Meadery - did a nice order from Mikkeller with my Wife, lovely Mead!
  2. Närke - lovely wee festival at Haket, almost more Brewers then guests;)
  3. Brouwerij 't Verzet - didn’t have clue, had to check the individual ratings. 1 draught at Salt Horse in Edinburgh, Brewers present at En Öl och Whiskey mässa and a few Gypsy brews vs De Vos made up a great average,
  4. Dieu du Ciel - one of my top 5 brewers. Attended at Péché Mortel tasting at Brewers Beer Bar were the best beer in the year was found: Dieu du Ciel Péché Mortel Édition Spéciale 2016 - 2017… yeah those stats brings out a few good memories, many thx for bringing the stats togheter!

“600 beers rated…”. 310 of them were Lagers, fortunately…! Surprisingly among the 20 best ones only four from Germany, but 2 from the Czech Republic and 8(!) from the U.K… Drink Moor U.K. beers!

Ice Cider (Récolte d’Hiver), then Mead (Marion Mead - Still) for me - but I’m not surprised by that. The highest rated beer has been Dark Lord De Muerte, loved that one.

I just noticed the bottom four sections on my page don’t seem to load. Anyone else having this problem? @joet

Everyone I think. It didn’t work last year either so I doubt it will be fixed.

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515 beer reviews in 2017 from 319 breweries
190 breweries were tried for the first time, 17 of which opened in 2017.
Places reviewed 38.

Pretty happy with getting 190new breweries an even 200 would of been nicer. Most those new 17 are just recentmh opened/opening in Orlando area but started pouring at festivals including one I attended.

My average score has gone up from 3.37 to 3.44.

Happy with “382 breweries were tried for the first time, 52 of which opened in 2017”

Highest rated beer was Westbrook Mexican Cake Imperial Stout - Reserva, which seems about right to me.

Highest rated brewery is actually a “blendery” - Bokkereyder, no big surprises there :slight_smile:

Been a good beer year overall.

1449 beers from 489 breweries. 267 new brewers. New personal best. Top five beers definately deserve the top positions and they’re all from MBCC - fantastic event with great beery friends!

Not working for me, I only get 2016 everywhere. Even on your own link.

same for me; yesterday clicking on “my 2016” showed my 2017, now it shows my 2016…

Looks like the displayed 2016 data is also a bit messed up:

“256 beer reviews in 2016 from 173 breweries, 285 breweries were tried for the first time”

Was kinda surprised to see so many Sierra Nevada beers in my top rated.

Really pleased to see my highest scoring beers in 2017 (11 over 4.1) included a Mild, Bitter and an IPA in among the stronger, heavy hitters.

Hate the fact my #tag leads with citra/cascade/canned and mosaic. I don’t want citrus hops, but that’s what the beery world is coming too!

Surprised I only reviewed 111 places, thought I had travelled and posted more reviews than that.


Looks like it’s working again…

Still titled 2016 in the header but 2017 data shown. There is a button on the bottom of the page to pick any year which is a good addition.

“The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.” That’s how my 2017 was like.

Seriously, I haven’t been able to view my stats so far. Only 2016 worked for me a few days ago.

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