My friends Rater tab

why and how do people normally use this

My use of is is prob 95%+ to see who has had it before.

Im not interested in what they have to say, just that they have had it,

At first it was onyl a little annoying to have scroll though the list, but then i started to find ones where more than 10 people had had it, and in order to find out i had to click again, and scroll once more

This is another festure that sees to have been given a glossy finish that makes it no longer fit for purpose, well my purpose at least

So im interested in what others use it for.

Exactly the same - to see if someone has had a beer. If I then want to know what they think, I was happy before to click and expand the rating.

I guess Thee always be 2 schools: those who don’t want to see the ratings by default, and those who want and are annoyed that they also have to expand the rating…

On my part, I’m still trying to find any purpose for the Rated By folder…to be useful, it should show the score, without text, with possible expanding review, and also include all tickers there. @joet

you know i could live with the pre- expanded if it was fast and smoth and didnt involve further clicks to see person 11.

It was functional as it was before, really unfortunate that it was redeveloped without asking the “users”:

  • show only the score in a compact way, with possibility to expand if requested
  • sort by name, not by date (again, developed by a somebody who is not a user)

An alternate view.

I use it to see what people whose ratings I am interested in thought of a beer. Date sorting is more useful because it gives me more recent opinions. Text should be there because I want to see what they thought of it.


cheers. This is what i want to know

Theres definitly different use cases for this.
So appreciated

I use it for a small group of (mostly UK based) raters, mostly out of curiosity but sometimes to gauge whether I will like a beer before I buy (many of these raters seem to have similar-ish tastes to my own).

There are a couple of raters in my friends list whose ratings I enjoy reading.

Can I also state that I found this tab much more helpful when it was ordered from highest to lowest rate, and when you could just click on one rate text at a time.


Pretty much the same thing here. I use it to follow ratings mostly from other UK raters and also users I’ve traded with or want to trade with, usually I find their ratings interesting and/or relevant to my tastes so sometimes I take a moment to compare, particularly if I thought a beer was exceptionally good/bad or there is an otherwise large variance in our scores.

I too preferred it when the list was sorted from highest to lowest rating. I don’t really mind either way if the full text of the rating is automatically expanded or requires me to click.

As for the amount per page, since I mostly rate new(ish) releases I very rarely see more than 10 on a page and wasn’t aware that was an issue. But I can see that would be annoying, if that’s the case I’d be happy to see all the rating text minimised like it was before in order to fit more per page.


Why can’t we have essential sorting options for many pages:
Highest score to Lower / Reverse
Newest to oldest / reverse

With a “default” option setting chosen by user.

Same with the ratings, a default setting to auto-expand or auto-shrink ratings depending what the user prefers…

This doesn’t affect me. I only had 1 friend here and she left.



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