My third German trip of the year

My good lady and I embark from Southampton tomorrow where we will join a ship sailing to Hamburg, Flensburg, Travemunde and Bremen.

This should enable me to review some new places and take my total German rates passed Belgians beers.

Hopefully post some photos and updates as the trip unravels.




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Gute reise!

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Gute Reise! Do not expect too much, You are entering a zone with mediocre beers…:nauseated_face:

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have fun! And remember my last offer!

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Mediocre beers? In Hamburg?? :open_mouth:

Even Bremen has some decent stuff with all the new breweries.

OK, Travemunde and Flensburg are a bit less thrilling - although there’s a student brewery now at the Flensburg university if you can find their beers anywhere outside there.

Hamburg was cold but dry. We visited the lovely fourth floor of the posh shop and saw their beer prices. They made my eyes water, nothing was bought.

We then walked to the Buddelship taproom and had a few draft pours.


Flensburg was fine.



That’s the reason, why I prefer the southern parts of Germany… There You can find reasonable beers at reasonable prices almost everywhere… The best and the cheapest are from franconia, that’s understood! Prost!:beer:

Two old kneipe in Lubeck and the Keiler Brewery in Keil.


Oh yes, I like the Keiler Brauhaus - and Hansen’s was the other Flensburg brewery I was struggling to remember but failed.

Very little is cheap in Hamburg, it seems. Landgang taproom is the one I keep wanting to get do, but never manage (I learned recently that the head brewer is ex-Siren, by the way). For bottle shops, Beyond Beer & Craft Beer Store are very good but not cheap.

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Home now.

Southampton to Southampton cruise (9 nights).

Day one: drove down to Southampton and popped into ‘Bitter Virtue’ for a few bottles before parking up and joining the ship. Sadly of the 8 beers I had listed from their website, only 5 were available. I didn’t really have time to have a good look around so left with just the 5.
Booked on board and discovered we had been upgraded with an ‘All Inclusive drinks package’. Once I had checked it was true Margie and I proceeded to drink like fish while on board.

Draft Newcastle Brown, Heineken and Stella Artois being the choices of beer. Canned Spitfire, Bass, Carlesberg, Guinness and John Smith’s Smooth, plus bottled Broadside, Bishops Finger and Heineken 0,0. So no new rates there, apart from the alcohol free Heineken! There was also a ‘German Wurst’ presentation with ‘local beers’. This took place as we sailed through the Kiel Canal, the ‘local beers’ being Warsteiner Pilsener and Erdinger Weiss (so not very local at all).

First Port of Call: Hamburg. Bar Oorlam was our drinking place of choice after looking at the expensive selection in the lovely Alsterhaus (an impressive shop for wealthy people). We also had a Currywurst and Chips outside the Rathaus and found an EDEK for some cheap bottles.

Second Port of Call Flensburg. The town was closed as it was a Sunday. Luckily the Hansen’s Brewery was open (three different draft beers available) and a pleasant fish restaurant (draft Flensberger Pilsner).

Third Port of Call Travemunde. Quiet little town where we could find no bars at all, open on a Monday afternoon. Found a REWE and bought some bottles and then caught a bus into Lubeck. In Lubeck we visited two old bars; Bruthmanns Bierstuben and Im Alten Zolln, both proper drinking establishments and full of character. Jever Pilsener and hopefully (when I check) a couple of new rates also.

On returning to the ship we were informed that our last port of call was to be changed. Strong winds prevented us travelling back through the Kiel Canal and we would be visiting Kiel for two days instead of the two days we should have been in Bremen (and drinking at the huge festival that was on).

Fourth and final Port of Call Kiel. Day one was fine, we walked to the railway station to see if we could get down to Bremen in under two hours; we couldn’t so drank in the Kieler Brauerei all afternoon (three draft beers of their own), had another Currywurst as well. Day two Kiel was closed, German Bank Holiday, only a few bars and restaurants open; had a long walk looking for a likely bar, failed.

So, four days at sea and five days on land (in four Ports), two of the Port days were over ‘closed days’, which was a big disappointment, as was the cancellation on Bremen (still never been). Happily the food on board was excellent as were the Gin & Tonic’s and various wines we drank.

More photographs to follow (maybe).



Thanks for your report! Always love reading about your travel experiences. More people should do this!

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Our second beers at ‘Im Alten Zolln’ a bierstube in Lubeck. The beers are an Einbecker Ur-Bock Dunkel and their own Zolln Dunkel.


Currywurst mit Pommes in the Kieler Brauhaus.


Flight of Buddelship beers in bar Oorlam, Hamburg (2.50 Euro per glass!!!).


Taps and selection in Bar Oorlam.



Wow) That’s impressive! Plan to visit Germany, too. Thanks for the review!

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