My weird beer & Caviar experiments

Okay, I’m going to sound really stupid while anyone reads this. I was kinda bored on my day off and decided I wanted to try something new with my beer. So a little about myself… Out of drinks I love beer and out of “snacks” I like Caviar. (actually, I don’t think Caviar can be considered a snack) Knowing my love for these two I came across a really weird article about mixing these two: The fans managed to mix these two into one. I have nothing better to do so I started the test. In my region, we don’t have a store with Caviar so I had to order some from and a six pack of beer I had at home. I gotta say, the sight of it all together wasn’t the best. But funny enough, the taste was super unique and actually kinda tasty. At first try, it’s not the best but after you keep trying it it’s something to remember. I thought maybe someone else had this brilliant idea or am I the only one here?

It isn’t something I have tried; not a big fan of Carlsberg beers and I don’t actually like fish spawn/eggs at all.


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Yeah…I guess I must sound like a weirdo. It’s not something I would recommend you do often. Heck, I don’t think I will ever do this again.

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