My Year in Beer 2020

Is it just me or seems like it is a bit “poor” this year? I think I remember we used to have more stats available in the past.


Oh wow, just had a look. While Untappd’s gets more and more options, Ratebeer’s potentially gets crippled without good reason.

Hope this is not the final version!

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Its normally later in year before it goes live properly so i would hope it gets better


Wouldn’t put too much hope in that scenario. I believe this is the new version, and we had it last year as well. Its just that we had an old version as well.


For what it’s worth

Instead of you can replace my-year-in-beer with legacy-my-year-in-beer for

id is your user id…


For what its worth, now we are talking…
Why replace with this stripped UT look alike version?

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So old version is still alive. Thanks!


Kinda alive obv, but still better in some significant ways than the questionably informative new one.


Amazing! Thanks for the tip :wink:


Wow, I’d forgotten how much better the old version was; please can we have that back as standard (albeit a bit tidied up maybe)?

Thanks @Viper666.Qc for the link.


Ah, this makes me happy. Thanks!

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Only difference is one version says I tried 121 breweries for first time and another only 118. No biggie really.

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@services we should probably go back to the legacy iteration by default until the “new” version get enough material to be worth showing.
(I don’t know what that would mean for the App however…)

This are small things (extra stats) that matter for most users…that were remove for no reason, but still exist in the legacy pages and are left unused for the moment which make the site weaker vs competition.

for example, Full Beer Stats: you can still access them by replacing the BEER NAME in the url by the word STATISTICS

beer page url
beer statistics url

we would only need a link somewhere in the beer page to access them quickly, at least, people could access them without having to rely to remember who to work the urls to find the orphan pages…


So glad this is back, big hugs to @services for the temporary(?) solution.

Quite interesting to compare 2020 to previous years, with this Covid-sh*t hitting the fan. Personally I rated less beers than ever before (1119).
With international travel gone down to zero the last ten months, and also pub visits seriously limited more than 70% of my rated beers were Swedish.

Looks like I am getting more picky in my choices, as my average score went up significantly.

Interestingly my highest rated style was Helles / Dortmunder Export with 3.55 from 33 ratings. Lowest was Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry with 2.81 from 23 ratings.

I guess trying my best to avoid those pastry stouts have contributed to higher average…

I had seven beers in diverse styles scoring 4.4+

1 3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera Batch 6 6.9% Lambic - Unblended Jonge / Oude 4.08 4.5 January 16
2 Närke Biskops-Kaggen Stormakts Porter 2019 10.0% Stout - Imperial 3.96 4.5 October 30
3 Klackabackens Twisted 010 Helles Bock 6.5% Bock - Heller Bock / Maibock 3.23 4.4 December 11
4 Vinohradský Vinohradská 12° 4.8% Pilsener - Bohemian / Czech 3.56 4.4 December 23
5 Cantillon Brabantiæ 5.0% Lambic - Gueuze 4.06 4.4 August 6
6 De Ranke Hop Harvest 2019 6.0% Belgian Ale - Pale / Golden / Single 3.78 4.4 January 31
7 Fürst Carl Premium Pils 4.9% Pilsener / Pils / Pilsner 3.06 4.4 April 26

Best breweries reflects how few imported beers I ticked this year:

Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen Belgium 4 4.23
BFM - Brasserie des Franches-Montagnes Switzerland 3 4.07
Närke Kulturbryggeri Sweden 4 3.88
Nyköping Brewing Company Sweden 3 3.87
Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri Sweden 7 3.79
Eskilstuna Ölkultur Sweden 8 3.77
Bryggeriet i Umeå Sweden 6 3.77

Good to see some newcomers high up the list.

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You are now forcing me to place an order on Biershop Bayern! :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the link to the legacy/ longer form page @Viper666.Qc. Interesting reading - I did know that F. Boon had been on a tear recently but it seems that’s my top brewery this year and last year. I would not have guessed that.

I still cannot believe that the current “My Year In Beer” was deemed “good enough” to release. So crippled information-wise, with the only upside that it shows top places and looks slightly better in some ways.

Completely missing what people love about Ratebeer and why are people still on Ratebeer. Making it less informative than it was, less informative than Untappd’s, is basically major self-sabotage.

Can’t even share it properly on social media, no proper link preview shows up :facepalm:

But a “yay” that it’s there I guess. Hope we get something worthy of Ratebeer’s spirit at some point.


OMG my year in BEER wasnt a temp thing while they got it all sorted and now all my Year in Beer SUCK. glad i got the legacy one. But really wtf


Yes, just been able to work out getting the legacy version, no comparison, the new version is pathetically bad in comparison. Why would anyone imagine it is an improvement. Hopeless.