My year in Beer page- only basic data

Hi Boys and Girls,
Is there a possibility to enter the old layout of My year in beer page, current one only shows some basic data. For example I cannot check the whole list of beer/breweries I rated, only top 4 are visible.


Same here. Is it something to do with membership lapsing?

I am hoping this stays available to members and non-members alike. Was one of my favourite features of the site, would be sad to see it go for no obvious reason.

Edit: also can no longer access previous year’s data. Why does the site mess about with things that are popular?


I don’t think so. I see rather less than previous years. There is an obvious reason, it’s capacity.

Well, if that’s the case I might start keeping my own data, on an Excel spreadsheet, the way I used to do pre-RB. It’s a real shame that this site gets worse and worse.

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