N/A Cannabis-Infused Beer - Next Big Thing

Apparently, a lot of breweries are looking into expanding into the weed business. It seems like everybody is jumping on board for the non-alcoholic weed beer (apparently also alcoholic seltzer but that is for a different thread).

The creator of Blue Moon has a NA weed clone

Flying Dog is trying to get approval for a medical beer

Constellation Brands is pushing it hard

A) What do you think?
B) Should these be part of RB?

I will probably not drink too many of these, but I do think RB should consider allowing them.

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Just one a day? :slight_smile:

I think we’re getting to a point where USAian breweries might be getting too gimmicky :joy:

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I am thoroughly surprised there isn’t much interest in this topic.

Should I start adding THC-breweries to the database?

If they are N/A are they still considered Beer?

I mean it might be a question of whether alcohol was removed or whether it is just malta with beer. Also, there is the question whether these are low abv beers with .4% or something…

Maybe because except for Canada and a few USA states these products don’t exist and cannot be obtained legally elsewhere in the world? They may not appeal to beer geeks.

Looking at the commercial descriptions these drinks may not be all that beer based.

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Probably because they all suck:

One of the beers mentioned in the article, Grainwave, only has six ratings on Untappd…

Edit: surprised UnTappd haven’t gone and created a brand new style especially for this sort of beer.

And what in-depth “ratings “ they are. :neutral_face:

Well aren’t these all just hemp beers not actual THC beers?