Nairobi, Kenya

I’ll be spending two weeks in Nairobi, starting with 8 July. Any recommendations, do’s and especially don’ts?

“- do not …i repeat … do not walk outside after 6 pm …even most kenyans wont do so”


It’s a city, so treat it like any other city you’re not familiar with. Don’t walk around in non-lit areas after dark. Take cars to places your unfamiliar with. Don’t be scared fby shitty TripAdvisor reviews… Be smart and you’ll probably be fine.

" Exercise increased caution in Kenya due to crime, terrorism and kidnapping . Some areas have increased risk. Read the entire Travel Advisory.

Do Not Travel to:

  • Kenya-Somalia border and some coastal areas due to terrorism .
  • Areas of Turkana County due to crime .

Reconsider Travel to:

  • Nairobi neighborhoods of Eastleigh and Kibera at all times due to crime and kidnapping . Be especially careful when traveling after dark anywhere in Kenya due to crime."

I have been there at the beginning of the year, but because of time limits I never made it to any of the beer places … I did update the places we have on the website though. Uber is super widespread in Nairobi, and its quite cheap (cheaper than taxis). I suggest getting a sim card at the airport, because it was a hassle getting one downtown because of long lines. I ended up buying one from a street vendor. it worked ok, problem was, you buy credit in a certain size (gigabytes) but also a certain time (they didnt tell me about the later part), so I had 2gb, but it was only valid for 3 days or so.

yeah, the dont go out at night is probably a good idea, but also depends a lot on the neighbourhood and where you are going. Going in a group makes things quite a bit saver. I thought hygiene and all that was pretty good, I expected a lot less and was pleasently surpised. Its quite easy to get by in english. If you have any specific questions … let me know :slight_smile:


I am honestly not a person to fearmonger, but do be careful in Kenya. I recall a really tragic story about an acquaintance of mine from college (a Kenyan) who was almost beaten to death for $50 and a pair of old boots. The mugging wasn’t in Nairobi, but actually in a place that was supposed to be relatively safe. Granted this was back in 2011, but I would just say practice a lot of caution.

I was being driven through Nairobi and had my left elbow and arm out the window keeping cool (right hand drive cars in Kenya, like the UK). My driver was horrified when he realized, and told me in no uncertain terms to bring my arm in and shut the window. He said “People would machete my arm off to get a white mans watch”. Loved the city but be careful.

Not really a beer destination but if you get the chance go here:


Thank you all for your warm messages (or mostly warnings :grinning:)
Being part of UN, security training is mandatory for us, and you can be sure that I’ll be extremely careful. I was rather thinking in the line of Do drink that, and Don’t bother with the other one, but this is fine. I understand that at least 3 malls have beer bistros from 3 local microbreweries and I’ll try to visit them. Carnivore is also in my list.
The info about uber is good as well.


According to google Sirville might be closed, but the website is working ok, so might be ok to check it out…

if you do uber, select payment in cash, very very few drivers offer credit cards. The couple drivers I had were all very helpful and friendly.

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Well I drank every and any beer I came across, sadly only 6 crossed my path. No ‘beer bistors’ with microbreweries when I was there.


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