Närke Konjaks! Stormaktsporter new batch?

I see this beer has come out of retirement, although the last rating is from 2015…and description says it was brewed once in 2010.

Is there a new batch that has been released? Or is this an accident?


Scheduled for Borefts Beer Festival @ de Molen this weekend.

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Thanks for the info!

ISO, of course! :clown_face:

I dread the que for this one already, hopefully a friend will get it.

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There will also be a Systembolaget release for Oppigårds/Närke Thurbo Kaggen in a few weeks.


Yep, Friday Oct 5 at 10 AM.
Hope to have time to hit “F5” starting 09:59 and grab a few bottles of that online.

Just don’t wait in line at the their stand but hang around outside…

I know, follow the forest wizard.