Need a little help finding a beer -

Last fall I met an old friend at his work local in Camden, the Devonshire Arms … while there I naturally grabbed a tick - “The Dev Pale Ale” … nobody working at the time could really answer my questions (I got the standard eye-roll from a gum-chewing young lady behind the bar) - she thought it was “brewed for them” by someone, but that’s about it. On Untappd they have it down as “brewed by Devonshire Arms” but while I could detect a, uh, variety of odours in the establishment, wort, malt and raw hops were not among them. I also saw no visible signs of brew-on-premises.

So - does anyone have an idea what this beer might be? I don’t mind tossing the rating (it was not exactly the best thing I had that day) but I don’t want to give up without due diligence.

Carry on!

How was the colour of what you rated in comparison to these beers?

Pub in question was a Hobgoblin pub so my logic being it was one of their base beers rebadged as a house beer.

The beer on Untappd is 3.5% as per the above.

Cheers! It’s definitely the Hobgoblin - dark, malty/some prune or whatever … it wasn’t actually all that bad! Thanks for the quick help - I hate abandoning a tick …

yes that was my first stab … their most common beer so obvious rebadge mterial but it didn’t match the name ‘pale’ !