Need advice on first ever brew

As my first foray into homebrewing I’ve been trying to brew a beer from a Mr Malt kit. Not sure how kits are viewed around here, but as an absolute beginner it seemed like a good step to start…
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I’ve followed instructions and the wort started fermenting right away. This fermentation was supposed to take anything from 5 to 10 days depending on the temperature but after 2 days it just stopped. Ive taken gravity readings over the last 3 days and there has been no change.
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Initial gravity was 1034 and now it’s stuck at 1014.

According to the kit, final gravity should be 1008. Am i close enough that i can just bottle, or is there something else i can do?

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At 1.014, you ought to be good.

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I don’t have own experiences, but maybe this article of beginning homebrewing tips will help:

I’ve recently started brewing at home and recently stumbled upon an online calculator that lets you calculate the alcohol by volume content of your brew, wanted to know if this looks legit to you guys…here is the link to the same:

Awaiting response from veterans!

Old post, but I’m bored.

For a lit brew that seems like a high OG. Maybe a 5gal batch with a 3 gal boil?
As per the question, you will be ok to bottle at that, it will be a little heavier than usual and with that fast of a ferment is may have some fusel notes.

For the calculator question, yes that works fine. You can also print off spreadsheets that are readily available with a simple search.