Need advice shipping from EU -> US


I’m planning on shipping a small box of canned beer from Holland to the US. It’s a present for a friend of mine in Indiana.
I do know there’s a chance the package gets opened and we can say goodbye to the present. Thats a risk I’m willing the take.
I do need some advice in terms of what I put on the customs form. Canned beer, no bottles.I usually put the old collectable glassware or olive oils on the box but am not sure if thats the way to go when you ship canned beer. I dont know if packages get scanned.
Any advice is welcome. I just want to do everything possible to get the box through customs without them opening it.
Shipping with PostNL -> USPS. Other options are too expensive as far as I could check.

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I’ve never had a box opened, I think if you pack everything very safe so there’s no leaking you’re probably fine. Just write anything on the customs form that’s not beer “yeast samples”, “craft soda”…


I put ‘collectible glassware’ regardless if cans or bottles. I think they know what’s going on, but have bigger fish to fry. Not had any issues.

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“Your item is being processed by United States Customs”

I guess thats the update I didnt want…

Did it ever arrive?

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Oh sorry, I dont visit RB that much anymore :wink:

It arrived safely, although there were a lot of illegal goods in the box (beer and food).
It was at US customs for 4 days and I’m pretty sure they didnt open the box, else it wouldnt have gone through.
Odd, because the receiver wrote he was almost certain the package would get destroyed once it checks in at the customs (which doesnt happen with most of the packages. Only with leaks and suspicious ones. Or so they say…)

All well!

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