Need beer similar to New Castle as it used to be

I have never been much of a brown ale drinker, always gravitated to porters and stouts. My GF’s father is not much of a beer drinker and used to like New Castle, but he says it has changed since they were bought out and the packaging changed.

What would be a good one for him to try? I had no luck finding DFH Indian Brown or Bell’s best Brown. I got him some Rogue Hazelnut nectar but he doesn’t love the hazelnut taste. Was going to try Cigar City Murado next.

Any suggestions would be appeciated. He lives in Knoxville TN,

You could try Samuel Smith’s Brown Ale. It’s a traditional English brown and would be available all over the US.

Is there echo here?

We only have 1 store that sells it locally and they are more than old.

Thanks, I thought of that but it’s a little too pricey for his taste.