Need help with new? Liechtenstein brewery

I visited Liechtenstein a few weeks ago and picked up some bottles that looked like local ticks from some random gift shop.
I added the brewery here:

After adding it, I did more research and things look confusing. It seems to be some kind of brand and not a brewery? but also not sure. The website redirects to a brand website:
Untappd has 2 separate breweries: Brauerei Liechtenstein Edelbrand - Liechtenstein - Untappd and TschĂĽgger - Liechtenstein - Untappd
RB possibly lists one of their beers under Swizz brewery:
So this is a mess, I’m hoping that local admin can sort it out :slight_smile:

I’ll have a look over the weekend, thanks.

At least one of the photos on UT clearly shows “Hergestellt in Liechtenstein” on the label, plus the website which simply leads to the BLE one listed above.

I’ve queued the duplicate UT listing to merge into BLE, by the way.

That’s my picture to help adminning :slight_smile:

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Thanks - I’m one of the German admins over there, I hadn’t even thought of touching Lichtenstein until now but maybe I should… I don’t think there’s anyone local.

Very similar rules for Liechtenstein compared to Switzerland in regards to what counts as a real brewery compared to what should be considered a home brewer. So for consistency I’ve been taking care of Liechtenstein in addition to Switzerland.

A bit behind on things, but I should be able to look at this soon.

Got curious, so this is now taken care of.

The brewery seems to be officially registered as “Brauerei Liechtensteiner Edelbrand” so I’ve renamed the brewery and verified the three beers. is confusingly similar in name, but is brewed by a brewery in the Bern canton. Happened to have a bottle of this in my basement and no mention of Liechtenstein there.


I am from Vorarlberg, Austria, which makes me about as local as an admin can be (but I’m obviously not an Untappd admin…). I’m still happy that @CH-303 took care of this one :smiley:


Nice that these beers stayed as Liechtenstein ticks :slight_smile:

I think we picked them up from this souvenir store: Google Maps
(just in case someone else is interested in them)

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I wouldn’t mind - and we are due in Baden-Württemberg next month, but that might be just a little bit too much further south! :confused:

I’ve been in Liechtenstein three weeks ago and my (little) researches also found this to be the easiest available spot for that beer and they indeed had four different ones (and also a local cider btw).