Never again - NYC Craft Beer Festival!

Despite all the negative feedback at their FB page dating back to previous years, I made the mistake of going there last Saturday, on the second (and last) session. It was such a scam! The tasting glass was so narrow that it wasn’t even possible to be sure about the color of the beer! They had advertised 174 (!) beers for the GA session, and I had figured that there were at least 75 I could tick. No such luck, the total number of beers were around 50, almost all poured from bottles, and half of the breweries weren’t even there. I did try 30, but I wouldn’t try half of them if there were other choices.

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Not so uncommon. Easier to get distributors to contribute than to get the brewers themselves out. Many times the brewers just bring out the old tried and true sellers. To top it off the brewers who do bring something new often have it on the verge of public release. More fun to just go to the taprooms and do samplers.

Yeah, I always considered going, but they provide sketchily little info on their site so I was always suspicious. Guess I am glad I didn’t go.

I’m not familiar with the people running this shit show, but that’s par for the course for most NYC events I’ve attended outside of any backed by major craft beer venues. Volunteered for way too many of these sort of events in my 20s AFTER paying for a few bombs in the early 2000s.

Been there such shit.