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New Adding, Editing Places Limits!

Attention! We’ve implemented email verification for adding/editing places to help us maintain our data quality. If you get a robot while trying to use these features, logging out and back in will most often resolve the problem. If you can’t add or edit a place, please message @services here in the forum or use email via feedback and we’ll get your account fixed quick. Thanks for helping us work this out! Cheers!


Too many people adding park benches as places?


Hi @services can you let me add places again?

This seems like something that’ll certainly hurt site with most folks not bothering to contact. The clone brewery to new place button was great please bring back once you trust users again.

@explosivedog so you want to just add this place for me since it’s a NY brewery. I added the brewery already for association


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Hello @Jow

You’ve already been verified however it looks like the stored session doesn’t have information to let the site know that. You’ll need to logout and then log back in via our legacy site (for example go to https://www.ratebeer.com/places/ and log in there).

Services @ RateBeer

Sorry for the inconvenience! The typical resolution is to close all your RateBeer browser tabs but one, sign out of your account on the app to be extra careful, and then click sign out at the bottom of any page. Or here:
This will resolve most all issues related to Place-adding that we’ve implemented to stop some bad boy bot activity.

I’ve noticed I have to sign in an out sometimes. Had to do it again today to be able to modify places

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