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New Beer Page look (2019-05-27)

I like the new Beer Page look overall and where most of the things are located.

I would however highly suggest to move the Served In/ Availability / Tags section just before the Review / Friend section (or move it back after beer description with expander option like it was before) because in narrow/phone view, it moves completely at the end of all reviews, after distribution and similar products…which makes it inconvenient to reach…

Also, for longer reviews, you should suggest a “click to expand” instead of cutting it to 2 lines and adding only … at the end

And always place ABV IBU and that stupid Est. Cal under the brewer, no matter the screen width (instead of switching them on the right in large screens)

@aww @services

Good timing! We’re actually moving it back to the beer description area now :slight_smile:

Working on this one too!

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Could it be possible to put the admin tools (Edit Beer ad Add picture at least) buttons right on the page (next to favorites, share and the 3 dot menu) at least for admins

The general layout of new beer entry’s page looks okay, except that the beer photo is been compressed to the point that it no longer show the true size of the container (bottle, can, etc.). Take a look at this example for a 750ml bottle of HORALs Oude Geuze:


The photo is compressed and ugly. I guess the RB service can do something about that.

You just updated the look of the Ratings Distribution…

IMO it was better looking before…

Now it’s a big grey square that look like a tag instead of the Bottle / Can / Tap icons (which looked better) and the place distribution is listed in the line under (without the AT mention), coupled with the thumbs up/ I found this review useful which use way too much space

Just that thing make the design look worse than the previous version…

Please correct the wordin for Availability:
Unknown Bouteille and Unknown Pression shouldn’t appear at all (and the words are not even in good order and a mix of french and english).

If it is UNKNOWN, don’t list it, keep it invisible. if it’s available Bottled or on Tap, just use BOTTLED / CANNED and ON TAP buttons (in fact, you could use the same button or Icon that you use for personal rating distribution…)

Local Distribution is ok (but again, if UNKNOWN , make it invisible)

The Attribute scores should always be listed under the text reviews, not side by side (just like oour own review actually)…it makes the review and the attributes score lines are way too narrow and too long vertically

Still no love for us admins. Depressing. :frowning:

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Why were tags moved back under the description? I loved that you put them back in the sidebar where more people can see them and (hopefully) actually use them. Seems this was a very shortlived change.

@aww out of interest, what are your reasons for keeping the tags somewhat hidden? I’ve said this time and time again that you have this very powerful tagging system that very few of us use because it’s mostly hidden behind “read more” clicks.
Why do you not make it more visible? The fact it was temporarily put back in the sidebar means that at least someone on the team wanted it there.

Also why do you not allow us to add tags from the add beer page (type them in and autocomplete)? This has been suggested my myself and others in the past but as far as I know never even been commented on. You’d massively increase the number of people using tags if it could all be done inline. Instead of first having to add the beer, then click through multiple pages of tags to find the relevant ones.


They are better in the expandable description than where it was before (using phone, they were displayed AFTER ratings which was worse to find with lot of scrolling compared to having to click once to see them before the rating section.

Agreed on phone, it can and should remain as it is now. But for my post above I meant just on desktop, there’s more than enough space on the sidebar for them.

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Somehow, they prefer adjustable sections depending of the screen width… This unfortunately comes with lot of design flaws… Depending of our screen width, sections move from side to bottom, 1 rows to 2 or 3 row, mini pictures…

Hold tight guys! We’re still very much here and listening. There’s something we’ll try to share with you sometime today that you’ll hopefully love! :beers:

This was previewed a little over a month ago. Here are all the states that we designed, we went with Version 1 for the Score Breakdown as there wasn’t any additional feedback at the time. But we may consider Version 2 if the general consensus here is that it’s the preferred layout.

We need to hear more positive feedback like this; especially from users who see the value in them.

You are correct mate… it resonates with a lot of the reasons why we explored pulling that information out (especially on a desktop). Thank you for this, we’ll keep it in mind.

First time I’ve heard of this one, I like the idea and will put it on my radar :crossed_fingers:

And @Marko

Just FYI, we’re also working on a mobile-web version that is more optimised for that form factor… which means that we’re beginning to make less sacrifices on the desktop version :grinning:

I’d gladly give it but you’re lucky I even saw that change, it was active for what? Less than a day? On the one hand I’m impressed you made changes so fast but on the other it’s stupid because it wasn’t enough time to gather valuable feedback.

There were various other improvements I have for the tagging system as a whole. I will post a separate thread if I can find my old notes on it.

This is outside the scope of this particular thread but I think it would be useful if you (the team) allow users (anyone, not just “power users”) to opt in to be able to use a beta website, or even just to see mockups like those you linked in your reply above of different designs for things, so that we can give feedback on them before they go live to everyone.

If the latter (easiest for you), why not use the #ratebeer-feedback:website-feedback forum to post this kind of stuff? With design changes like this one you could post a poll with various options for people to vote on, showing examples like you did in that post. Or just ask for feedback in general. I mean I hadn’t actually seen that original post of yours with the mockups, I would have given my opinion had I see it at the time.

At the moment, most of the time I’m giving feedback is only because I see @Viper666 posting threads like this one with his own feedback, and this is before any kind of official announcement is made. I love that he does this and I add my own thoughts wherever relevant, but I do wonder why it’s not coming from the developers/designers themselves.


That’s great. Just please make it Edit beer, add picture, retire and delete (NOT just the two that Viper mentioned) and put them somewhere immediately visible and easily reacheble without scrolling or hovering or whatever, like next to where the current widget is. :slight_smile:

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V2 seems better IMO. But the older one (with the bottle/can/tap icons was simply better). and you should bring bag the At / @ before the place name

Franckly, we need to reduce the space the Thumbs Up button is taking…

(right one is original)

@aww Here’s some tweak we could have.

Use a single line, over the pic for the Beer name. Since the name includes the Brewer name inside, it often get pretty long so this way, it would have more chance to be displayed in a single line.

Get rid of the brewer location. I don’t think it’s something we need here. Or include only the brewer country flag somewhere…

You should use 2 lines for Styles / Brewed for / Brewed By in order for longer brewer names to always display in a single line.

Add the logo of the brewer.

Add the date the beer was added.

Also, always keep ABV IBU Cal under the brewers name, no matter the width of the screen (this is already the case when there’s a Brewed for / Brewed At)

This way, this would also allow you to use more space (both in width and in height) to have a larger beer pic area so it look less compressed, especially on phone and when beer pics more wider than tall.

I’m eager to hear it.
I’m already working a lot on them as well already. (categorizing them by family and parent tagging, adding full descriptions, etc)