New beer page test coming Tuesday, 20 March!

A minority percentage of our visitors will be getting a new beer page Tuesday, 20 March. This is the initial beta release of this updated page that is largely a code cleanup, but also introduces new design elements and improves the rating flow. This one aims to be faster, cleaner and easier to use for power raters, admins, newbies and all other users alike.

You’ll be able to tick on the full tenths scale, and that will save, then licking for a full rating will distribute your tick in a natural distribution for you to modify, and then add notes. You can simply click on the rating button to get straight to rating if you like just like you did before.

This page has already been through the admins group as an alpha phase launch and we have already made modifications based on feedback.

For those who don’t get the new page Tuesday, patience please. It will be out soon for everyone!

I hope you enjoy the update.



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Believe me when i say i hope i do too.



Wow, we need to start licking our phones now? What next? :wink:


Is this an app thing? Mobile website? Desktop website? All of the above?


Sounds good Joe, hopefully I’ll get to try it out. It sounds like you’ve left the current method of rating in tact too which is good if any of us will dislike the new way!

I’m at risk of derailing your thread here but although I’m very happy to hear you’re actually working on making improvements, can I just ask about all the bugs that arguably many of us find more important to fix before any new things are brought in?
There’s a few I’ve given up reporting now because they never get any attention but still annoy me to this day. For example

  • Places whose website link begins with https still don’t work (colon is missing), but http works fine (but is less secure so a terrible workaround that admins are currently doing, it’s 2018, come on…)
  • Accented/diacritic letters are still messed up on numerous pages
  • If you go to a beer’s distribution page it will continue to list pubs/stores/whatever that are out of business which makes no sense at all and is counter-productive
  • There are some tags with typos and some that appear to have been accidentally created, including some completely blank tags (ID’s 1427 and 1474 for example)
  • Still a few kinks to work out with the new search

Great, but the login issue that apears every thime when you do a search that is actually a serious bug seems like there is no will at all to fix.

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As long as I’ll be able to write a review before assigning scores, it should be fine.

Oh and please fix the login issue, that’s more important than changing other stuff.


Thanks for this list. I can certainly start tackling these as priority. It would help, if you can, if you sent me a list of pages w diacritics problems.

A few of these other bugs are already being worked on, such as search where are improvements are being rolled out with every release.

The single sign on issue is one problem that’s been solved for the vast majority of users and it’s been hard for us to track down straggler browsers and operating systems that still don’t want to work with us. If search doesn’t show you which beers you’ve rated, I’d first recommend signing out – not closing the tab or browser, but actually clicking the sign out link, which is labeled “log out” in the forums under your avatar and elsewhere it’s at the bottom of every page as “Sign Out”. It’s important to sign out of everything at once. Sign out of mobile and web. Sign out of different browser tabs. Sign out at work and home.

Once you’ve done this, sign in. For most people, this is a permanent cure. You should be able to see your ratings in search results.

If you are one of the lucky ones for whom this fails, please let us know! Send us a message that includes your username, your browser and operating system, for example “I’m joet and I use the Chrome browser on a Windows desktop.”

For the login issue:
I am nilsas using:
Firefox 58.0.2 (64-bits) on computer
Chrome on android phone.
Both facing the login isseu.

No, licking for a full rating is the next step on from the Danish pint…


Joe, I presented a quite comprehensive list of pages with character issues in the admin forum around 1-2 months ago.


I messaged him last night with a list of 16 pages/areas of the websites I’ve found to still have issues. For each one I gave an example. I hope that warrants a speedy fix… we’ll see.

  • Pretty much the entire set of pages on the profile where they would show up (My Breweries, My Countries, Ratings, etc.)
  • Some of the list pages that I follow (Most Difficult Countries especially)

I d�n’t th�nk it’s th�t ann�y�ng to be h�n�st… Y�u g�t us�d to it…


What is a “power rater”? Seems like another update to something that wasn’t an issue to begin with but we will see I guess. Much rather see some of the improvements us “all other users” have suggested in some of the recent threads since migration.


The joet solution worked for a few hours, then I got logged out again. I’m on Android on mobile and Windows on laptop.

Same happend to me lasted for few hours than back to login again.

Have you fixed the issue where I and other Admins can’t see our old rating nor see where to rate on this new beer page. Could be pretty annoying if the wider audience has the same issue.

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