New beer page test coming Tuesday, 20 March!

Still doesn’t work.

I am MarcoDL and I use the chrome browser on a windows laptop and on an android phone.

The logout/login solution worked, partially, for me until I closed my browser.
After opening my browser again, I was logged out of the search page, but stayed logged in at the other two. This is shitty, because whenever I want to log in at the search page, I get “WE’RE SORRY, SOMETHING WENT WRONG WHEN ATTEMPTING TO LOG IN.” (Feedback with detailed information about my browser and operating system sent). The only solution for this is to log out everywhere AGAIN and log back in AGAIN.
But at least now parts of the website are in German, which is not even close to the prefered language defined in my browser settings.

Another situation on my phone:
Using a Motorola Moto X Play with Android 7.1.1, I cannot login using Brave Browser Version 1.0.42. I could easily before I logged out to try the above mentioned “solution”. But I can’t get back in. “There was an error logging you in. Invalid Acces Token. Missing required parameter: code.”

At least it works using Chrome - but I’m also not logged in on the search page there.

This really bothers me and is a big blow to usability.


I have the new beer page now, and I cannot rate beers or even see if I’ve had a beer. The button is not there (it was there during the test phase in the Admin forums).

(I have rated this beer, as I can see on my mobile phone, where I don’t have the new layout yet)
Also, if I click on “See all 17 Reviews” on the bottom, I consistently get an “internal server error.”, and the “My Friends” tab is not working.

I can take a lot of drawbacks, but if you deprive me of my ability to rate then that is really not bearable, @joet.

Also, I cannot open the brewery page of this brewery to find out if I’ve had a beer or not, I get another internal server error; furthermore, when I search for a beer in my beer ratings and click on it, I always (!) end up at “Jubeck California Lager”… (this seems to be the case because the beer ID of Jubeck California Lager is equal to my user ID)

EDIT: The not appearing rating button is fixed after a relogin (this was mentioned in the admin forums, so I could have known), but the rest persists.


But it looks nice.

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everything works fine on my phone, where probably due to cookies I still get the old pages.


I got it too, the rating button is there, but I have the same log in issues as on the search page. If I apply the JoeT-solution above, it works until I close my browser. After opening up my browser again, I’m logged in on the homepage and in the forums, but not on the search and beer rating pages.

Looking good :innocent::thinking: the only thing missing now is to engage this f#%¤ing @discobot to do the rating for you than you can lean backwards and just enjoy the beer.

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Hei! Finn ut hva jeg kan gjøre, si @discobot vis hjelp.

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Congratulations - it’s exactly the level of fuckup that I expected!


This has me worried that we are now actually going from one “unified” site, first split into mainsite+forums, then into mainsite+forums+search, and now into mainsite+forums+search+beerratings where any combinations of the four you could be logged in to or out of?


At the moment, it seems like mainsite+forums are the one’s you’ll stay logged in, while search+beerratings logs you out every time you close your browser.

I really believe it would have been best to take the site offline for a few hours and implement this, then letting it go live without big issues like exactly all this. As the current mood on here is “We’ll see how long I’ll stay”, this is exactly what you don’t want.


While a few people are experiencing difficulties and we’re hearing from them, I imagine many thousands more are not. While this isn’t optimal, it’s an expected product of our testing to have a few issues given the myriad of operating systems, browsers and people setting cookie preferences. We only rolled out the new page to a small percentage of users, and most of them are not experiencing difficulties. The vast majority of users, 85%, are experiencing nothing different today. Before the rollout today, the same page was tested with another pool of regular users.

QED while this might look like a calamity given some forum feedback, it’s certainly not. We are taking sign in issues very seriously and are looking for fixes now.

Most people, 85%, will not get the new beer page. I don’t.

For most people, today is no different than yesterday.

What do you base this percentage on?

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We have the ability to create test environments, and based on the scope of changes and the high profile nature of the beer page, we set the percentage to just 15%. A more trivial page might be 50% to test behavior over the course of a shorter period time. Some minor changes will debut to 100% of all users immediately.

@joet. why am i TasteTaps5 now?



I have no reason to believe that the problem that every beer on the “beer ratings” list links to the wrong beer is not experienced by every user who got the change rolled out today.

Yeah, I checked the page back then in the admin forums, then these problems were not there.

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Sent you a message. Thanks for mentioning!

Hopefully these are quick fixes.

@joet Still tastetaps5 in this thread as you can see but my sloth account on the forums is treating me as a new member. Bizarro world account appears to be okay for now. How did you contact me Joe? Sure wasn’t by BM.

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