New Beer Venues in UK

Birmingham city centre welcomes along 2 more pubs / bars.

The Good Intent in The Great Western Arcade, opposite Snow Hill Station is a new opening for Craddocks Brewery with 4 guest pumps. It’s raison d’etre is that all profits will be ploughed into good causes, like homeless.

The Colmore on Colmore Row, at the top of the hill from The Welly where all the buses stop opens today. This is a Thornbridge / Pivni bar, their furthest south so far with many casks and kegs on offer.

It has to be said, Birmingham is really getting up there on the beer front now.


I think this thread could be expanded to promote new places which don;t always get the love they deserve.

I.e. in Reading you have Strobelight Honey which has been open for 6 months or so but with no ratings. Double-Barrelled’s tap has got to be one of the best in the country. Phantom Brewing’s Haunt tap looks impressive and I’ve yet to visit Wild Weather’s new pub. You’ve then got Sit and Sip in Wokingham and Big Smoke will be taking over the Crispin. Plus Elusive’s new tap opposite Siren.

Actually there’s a third new opening. Roberto’s Bar & Tasting Club takes over the old Clink place in Digbeth with a focus on Belgian beer. Ill be heading in to see Torche at Mama Roux so will hopefully call in there and Thornbridge.

Also, a new place in Shrewsbury called Tap & Can right near the station. Decent selection of keg, cask, bottle, can.

Was out and about in Brum on Saturday … popped by the Good Intent … rather whelming in that there were 4 or 5 identical tasting cask goldes scoring 3.0/3.1 for me … would only bother again if I had all day in Brum … and even then I’d want to know what was on or likely walk in and out again.

Was aware of Robertos bar and Thornbridge … but missed out by 2 days on the opening.

More interested in Thornbridge if I’m honest … not a massive Fantome fan and nothing of particular interest otherwise on Robertos list.

Highlights on Saturdays visit were Tilt’s 12 imperial stouts of Xmas … think 9 of 12 were new for me and theres another 12 to come!

Burning Soul had a lot of new beers for me having not visited since June … think 8 winners?

Also the Wolf had a good set of beers on tap with most of the Beer + Art 2019 range.

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I like this idea. So many pubs and bars closing that’s it’s nice to have some good news and some good info.

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Visited Rugby yesterday lunchtime. Black Country Ales have bought up a couple of struggling pubs there and reopened them as their style Ale Houses. The Raglan Arms and the Windmill, both were pretty decent. On the downside the Rugby tap has been split up from its bottle shop, they are running as separate businesses now with the tap not opening until the evening.
Best pub of the day was The Seven Stars.

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Not been to Rugby for maybe 3 or 4 years… never really warmed to the seven stars.

Did you get to the Merchant or the Victoria ?

If so how were they ?

The Merchant was very good as usual, lots of dark winter beers on. The Victoria has dodgy opening times not suited to midweek lunchtime drinking unfortunately.


They were always my favourites in Rugby … Merchant #1.

What you said about a good range of winter beers rings so true … they always had a dark one or two on all year round.

That’s my criticism of good intent … December and 5 identikit golden ales!

Boutilliers have opened a brewery tap near Ashford railway station. copied from their Facebook page. Coach Works which is a mix of sub outlets.

OhWhatUpGang! It’s ya boi Drewtillier here at the big-boy/girl launch of The Boutilliers Bottle & Tap at @coachworks_ash
We’ve stocked the shelves with @northbrewco @vibrantforest @hammertonbrew @partizanbrewing @blackirisbrewery @brewyorkbeer @buxtonbrewery @thekernelbrewery as well as a selection of euro classics and 4 of our own on tap.

The will also be a @kentfoodhubs Christmas market here today, Saturday and Saturday 14th December.

10% off draft if you:
-Work in education
-Work for the NHS
-Have a valid train ticket or railcard

We now have Curious Brew brewery, Hop Stuff Tap Room, Made Inn Ashford micropub with a dozen taps and now Boutilliers Tap Room. I have a pub crawl!!!


Oooh - railcard!

Tempted to go after a meeting in Maidstone but’s it’s in the wrong direction (and presumably don’t open during the day)!

Couple of new openings in Marlow for @Theydon_Bois and anyone else local.

Firstly a new craft beer joint:

Secondly, right next door to the above is a no-alcohol alcohol shop (um, does that make sense?). Whole shop full of 0% spirits, beers, ciders - had about 40-odd possible Ratebeer ticks that might be useful for anyone wanting to rate whilst doing dryanuary. Can’t find a website for this one.

Haven’t been in the craft beer place yet, did have a wander round the teetotal shop which seemed friendly but surreal!


Was in Marlow last month so missed this.

Taking the other half to the Hand in Flowers in the new year for lunch so see if I can spin this in and report back unless you get there first @wheresthepath

In the beer desert that is Coventry the now have a new bar called The Castle Yard Tap Room. No hand pumps but an alleged 10 keg lines including Dhillon’s, Twisted Barrel and Duvel Vedett.
I’ve added it here -

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A couple of venues in Rickmansworth that have opened recently. quite a decent selection on tap but some very odd pricing in there, you get penalised if you buy thirds or halves. Other place is on the western side of the town down a lane in Maple Cross called Creative Juices. A lovely taproom in a quirky location close to the M25.

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New place in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, Craft Inn, looks like its in an old retail unit near to The Rose Villa Tavern, by the clock. Loads of keg beers, will be visiting on Thursday to give it a try.

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Nice. One of these in Shirley and another in Sutton Coldfield as well. I’ve not been to any yet!

That guy’s on a bit of a bar opening mission at the minute… he’s applied to open a bar here in Shrewsbury, but I heard yesterday that his application has 33 objections, so not sure how that will work out. Apparently he has a goal of 15 bars in the next year or two, also brewing beer for all of them. I went to the one in Sutton Coldfield. Basic small micro-bar. 12 or so taps, bottle fridge. Fine but nothing to really make it stand out.

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A couple of year ago I used to get asked to do a lot of audits and ended up in places like Aylesbury, Braintree and Inverness. I have reminded people of this so that I should get to check out more places.

Birmingham and Aberdeen lined up so far. The former should be good as we now have a an office near Snow Hill so won’t have to bus/taxi in of an evening.

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