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New Belgium sold

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Oh wow.

That is hella big news.

Mind boggling.

Wonder what their numbers are like? Not a fan myself.

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I only wasn’t a fan of most of their hoppy stuff. The rest were good to great. See La Folie.


I actually thought they’d been sold a while back if I’m honest !


I swear they must have been close over the last few years. I remember reading something before.

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Them being employee owned, I thought differently.

Apparently keeping the dividends and stock options “regular” for all the employees caused a fiscal strain on management. Cash flow consequences.

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Or they were made an offer that they couldn’t refuse. Whatever, I will keep a close eye on what transpires with their beers.

I’m half annoyed as I think Flat Tyre is the ‘biggest’ beer that I’ve not yet had, and it would be nice to tick all the biggest boxes, even if only for hilarity value. So I hope they continue to churn that out, preferably with a distribution contract that splorts it in the direction of northern europe.

My half annoyance is doubled because my g/f had it last year without me. :frowning:

It looks like staff had their palms reasonably well greased, so I hope the whole thing is amicable, and no ill will is held. We can perhaps write this one off as “business is business”. (Or “capitalism always beats communism”! :wink: )


One thing for sure, New Belgium can no longer use the Independent Craft ‘drain pour’ logo any more.


If i had known i could have grabbed a can from systembolaget for you back in may…

Hmmmm, how many Swedes come over for TCBW… :wink:

In my opinion, New Belgium has pretty much sucked since they became 100% employee owned, concentrating on selling out more than making good beer. I think they destroyed a solid brand over the last 7 years.


I was there some years ago and they were over the top emphasizing their independence and employee ownership. It seemed like a serious thing there. I get that the ‘owners’ got a ton of bank, but still sort of sad. It’s a spectacular place.


It’s always been disappointing to me that beer geeks slag this brewery off, even though La Folie was an OG pioneer of sour beer in the states and still tastes awesome to this day. Their mainstays, from Fat Tire to the Voodoo Ranger lineup are pretty mediocre, but they’ve always been able to produce good beer in their more expensive and large format offerings. Hopefully the quality there won’t go downhill.


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