New branding for Brew by Numbers?

Speaking to someone at the bar in Bermondsey yesterday they are changing the naming convention on their beers.

The first number will remain the same with then a description lower down rather than the second number.

So naming will now goes as follows

** Brew By Numbers 55 Double IPA - TDH Citra**

Rather than Brew By Numbers 55/10 Double IPA - TDH Citra

Oh goody, another way for people to confuse me.

On the other hand I did Cloudwater for the first time and got 13 scoops. Dowside they were £10 a pint.

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Didn’t we hear that was a possibility when we went there couple months back? I don’t know if I like it or hate it. They had something different and interesting, but now it might be easier to remember having it or not.

As a relative veteran of Kernel rating … NO - this won’t help - the multiple hops just merge into one for me !

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I must say I’m a little confused by how inconsistent BBNo’s branding has become. Their bottles were arguably somewhat boring but at least they were clean, minimal, and consistent.

What was wrong with the initial switch?

440ml cans for the standard range, and 500ml for the one-off specials with unique designs featuring their brew kit. Not convinced the latter change was necessary, 440s are good, no need for 500s as well, but it’s fine…

Then this:

Why did they merge the numbers like that? Makes it harder to read.

And the newest one:

Stylised numbers which are somehow easier to read than the previous one, but now this unnecessary change to their naming system

Maybe I’m just turning into an old man already but I wish they would stick to their original branding and stick to 440 cans!



They had a perfectly good naming system. Now it’s going to be harder as Colin says.

World, Hand and Cart.

Of course the irony is that they have not made it easier for average user to differentiate between their beers. I assume that is the actual reason why they are changing the naming system - the labels/names are too similar, hence it is confusing for consumers.