New BREWER and PLACE DIRECTORY page formats

New formats for Brewer and Place directories (until they get the Phoenix treatment)



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Wow, easy switching between breweries, cideries, meaderies and sakeries! Brilliant, been wanting that for ages. Many thanks @Viper666.Qc for highlighting this, and (presumably) @services for coding it.

This will help no end with the weekly UK county stat attack threads!

The site seems to be improving rapidly at present - thanks! :smiley:


The new Places directory is not an improvement in any way, however. Apart from visually being dull and uninviting, picking out countries takes longer on a PC/laptop, which is for good reason the platform used to plan trips etc… Sometimes catering to the mobile website is a mistake.

I’m not sure if that “Cookies & Privacy” notice is new or what, but gotta love the grammatical error in it.

I started punching around, out of curiosity, and unsurprisingly found multiple different versions of the privacy policy too.