New Breweries in 2019

I think it was @LazyPyro who posted a stat of the number of new breweries tried in 2018. I was wondering how many I had tried this year as there seems to be a lot of new breweries. The numbers are below:


You can check on these links - just sort by date

So how many have you tried?

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These are my totals


Slightly more than I expected when I saw the numbers of new breweries.

Does this take IBNR into account? Imbided But Not Rated, often confused with Incurred But Not Reported.

(That’s a niche beer/insurance joke).

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Ugh 2 in England and bunch zeros…

Couldn’t find one new England one. Eeeek. Then again my ratings are almost at a record low this year. Merely a hundred new beers a month. Blimey, what a slow coach.

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6 from England. No others.

Looking to tick off three new Hampshire ones in the next month or so.

I had to go through then entire list on my phone. The breweries are not ticked if I look at the list on my laptop.

I think this year there are 71 reported closures across all countries. 12 from Wales which is the only country with a net reduction.

England = 7
Scotland = 1
Wales = 1
Norn Iron = 0
Ireland = 0

Totally forgot about this thread from last year. Very poor showing from me this year, just the 1 in England (Masquerade). Had a quick scroll through the others and honestly I’ve not even heard of most of them, not seen any talked about anywhere.

Any worth keeping an eye on?

I ticked a couple off after hearing about them on UKCBF, checking to see if they needed adding to Ratebeer and then spotting that they sold taster packs. Gander were pretty decent and you can order three bottles at a time. When I accidentally ticked that I was going to pick the beers up in person they rang me up to see if I was on holiday or something and then let me off the postage (did help that I explained I was adding them to Ratebeer). I’ve got one more to have and may order some more. They also do a three bottle beer club.

From the East Midlands Lazy Bay seem to be talked about in positive terms

I’ve only found one of their beers so far…

In wales Team Toxic is classed as new. Although isn’t it just Wean and others?


Added a few of these myself. Had to discount Tuffins Supermarket, and the All Nations brewpub has been brewing their bitter for over 100 years, but only added this year.

Re Team Toxic, it’s a funny one… I’m a bit confused myself… They are still brewing under the Waen name, but also Team Toxic and Mission Creep. Can’t quite work out what’s going on.

Will add a new brewery to the site later this evening - Tottenham Brewery Co. Unfortunately for them googling their name starts off with links to Redemption and Beavertown pages.

And every time I think I’m closer to ticking off all the Hampshire breeries I spot another one. Stratton Lane, outside Winchester.

Hi Guys, late to the party.

Not a huge input from me, like Minutemat, I have discounted ‘Tuffins’.

England = 5
Scotland = 2
The rest are blanks, apart from one in Northern Ireland which I haven’t rated yet, but had while in Belfast last week (from Nord Iron).


I guess these figures need to be updated. There’s at least one new brewery that I think needs to be added as I did a search a could not find Friendship Adventure.

Since September, thanks to a busy last quarter, I managed to more than double my figures:

England: 14 (6)

But still zero for the others.

So despite 300+ more beers than the last two years less new brewries as it was 21 in 2017 and 24 in 2018.

Edit: and just read that a new brewery in Barnet had its first beer available today, Urban Alchemy.o

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@BeardedAvenger hint taken


The number have gone up a bit, that’s 214 new breweries.

For the record I have tried:

England 41
Scotland 2

Standouts for me were Alpha Delta (Tyne and Wear), and Lazy Bay (Nottinghamshire).

Note: I didn’t look for or include any breweries that opened and closed in 2019 (I think there was 1 in Newcastle)

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I’m doing OK

England - 24
Scotland - 3
Wales - 1
No scores for Ireland or Northern Ireland

There was also BR3WERY Beckenham.

Also need to remember that a number of the breweries are not new. Although I added Friendship Adventure yesterday they’ve actually been going since 2017.

I didn’t have so many new breweries from UK/Ireland. Only 5 from England and 1 from Scotland (and the Scottish one is Atlas rebadged so doesn’t really count…