New Breweries in 2021

It must be a hard time to break into the beer market. Has anyone found a new brewery they want to shout about…

I normally pick up new breweries at beer festivals. So just really on online shops.

What have you found.

Good Things has been my gold mine find in the last 12 months.

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I’d second Good Things. I’ve only had IPAs of various strengths so far so can’t speak to their skill at other styles, but the IPAs have certainly impressed.
Outside of the beer itself they sound like a really forward thinking business, their website is an interesting read about what they’re doing.

Other new breweries I’ve not had the chance to try yet are Newtown Park (the guys that bought LHG’s old site and kit), Ingol Village, and Floc. All of which seem to be getting largely positive things said about them.

Holy Goat in Scotland is another I’ve got my eye on, think they literally just in the last few days released their first beer.

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Seems to mainly be new client brewers flogging AF or gluten free pales and lager.

I fancy a Holy Goat t-shirt. Good black metal imagery. Based on t-shirts, Bat Country out of Romsey look a good bet.

Based on actual beer, I enjoyed the two beers I had from Crafty Cats, just outside of Reading. Got two more to try. The one Low Key Barrel Project beer I had was decent.

They launched in late 2020 but I note that no-one on here has rated Cult of Oak yet.

Devilstone in Durham, have just tried first one of theirs which was an DDH IPA and they look to be off to a good start and are doing an interesting range of styles, have two more in the cellar (an amber ale and a coffee porter)

Got them from NE Brews in Newcastle, worth checking out for Co. Durham and Tyne & Wear rates -

Second shout for Newtown Park in Bristol. I’ve tried 8 of theirs so far. Pretty solid output in general. The tap room is open on Saturday too, it’s literally a one minute walk to the Left Handed Giant brewery taproom on the same estate.

Edited to add: Newtown Park are going to be sharing their taproom with Verdant from late May 2021.

One from me to add would be Tartarus, I’ve had a couple of beers from the brewery recently and enjoyed them.

Thanks @danlo just ordered a few beers from NE Brews including a couple of Devilstone beers.

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Seen some social media stuff from Moonwake in Leith, they’ve just got their kit sorted and brewing will begin soon, hoping they bang out some decent stuff, but of course could all just be hype

I have 3 Low Key beers on pre order with Hoptimism. They are 3 version of a Barleywine which is a collab with Hoptimism. Promise of BA version later in the year.

They are the first pre orders available through the Hoptimism monthly subscription and go on general sale on Monday at 9pm.

Low Key are excellent, but not actually a new brewery…!

Have they changed their name?

no… it’s the barrel project of an established brewery. Not sure why they’ve separated it but I’m guessing the address on the bottles probably gives it away (not got one to hand to check)

Hmm, so that would be Boutilliers then I guess, same address as their tap house in Ashford - should they be merged (the dreaded merge question!!!)?

That rings a bell. I just assumed that they were sharing premises or sommat.

check companies house to see if there’s a separate company, but it’s the same people…

Not disputing you. Just hadn’t realised it was the same people.

sorry, didn’t mean you were disputing, just meant in terms of whether to merge or not

No 2021 breweries for jjsint. Thought I’d nabbed one - they only have 3 rates for one beer- but nope, 2020.

I have a Floc can on my shelves, might be drank later this month. It’s a new brewery to me too!


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I finally had my Tartarus Kveik Abaddon and it was damn good.

Remind me, how did the Hoptimism subscription work. Read about it at the time but it didn’t fit into my buying habits. Would love it of one the places I regularly ordered from started doing a drop box like Brew Cavern and some other places.