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New Breweries in the US: We are over the hump

Anyone care to make a prettier graph? We might leave off the first year which was mostly db building.

2000 413
2001 233
2002 352
2003 255
2004 150
2005 124
2006 127
2007 112
2008 166
2009 245
2010 253
2011 379
2012 531
2013 740
2014 956
2015 1016
2016 1140
2017 948


Its an interesting way to look at it. I’d be interested to see the total number of open breweries each next to those numbers.

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We’re just over the new breweries hump. We don’t have closing dates for every brewery in the US so we can’t do that with the current data.

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I found this on the brewers association website. I’d be curious what else there is besides “brewpubs”, “microbreweries”, and “regional breweries” because here in 2010 we added 253 to the database (assuming that’s where your numbers are coming from) compared to the 163 in their graph. I’m sure there are some that fell through the cracks and got added the year after they opened but it seems like a large discrepancy. Maybe they’re counting every BJs and Karl Strauss location as it’s own brewpub?



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They have always had less coverage than we do. Not everyone registers with the Brewers Association?

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you want something like this?



yes boss thanks

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What on earth is the difference between a microbrewery and a regional craft brewery?


Here’s an estimate of total year, 2017

948 ytd + ((948+x)*0.064) dec + (((948+x)*0.064)/2) nov = 948 + x; x = 100.67 or eoy = 1049

Here are average month totals by month number


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I’m guessing these are all made to be distinct? But yeah, the 1000 barrel/yr brewpub that sends a couple kegs across town, is that now not a brewpub? What about the brewpub that bottles special releases that have an international audience? What about a small brewery with a tap room that serves some food items but does not have a commercial kitchen license?

And are national and international craft breweries also “regional”?

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2007…hop crisis?

Oh wow, it was that low? Switzerland has more breweries opening in 2017 (namely 155 so far) than the US in 2004-2007. Stunning!

Would it not be wise to wait until the end of the year before speculating that we are over the hump, it might look silly if late November and into December a shed load of new breweries opened.

So, I was expecting Nov/Dec to be lower and mostly even otherwise, but interesting to see the spike in July! :us:

Im not understanding those numbers?

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The numbers add up to 1.00. If you multiply by 100, it means 8.5% of breweries were created in January, with a spike of 11.5% in July and a low of 6.4% in November. Seasonal variation, July 4th optimism, etc?


In the Netherlands I think you pay the chamber of commerce per year, so most new companies start at Jan 1st. Or at least, you dont want to do a lot of paperwork just for 1 month when you start December 1st. Don’t know if this translates to the US?

Ofcourse, addition to the RB database (= opening month according to us?) can usually be a bit later. And during summer there are a lot of festivals, so easier to get caught by the raters? That would be my hypothesis for the peak in summer.


I would assume hurricanes, wild fires, etc. had something to do with at least a few delayed openings. In my area, St. Louis, the growth has continued unabated.

have we numbers for the years since then

2018 931
2019 688

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