New Brewery - Admin

Can’t seem to add a new brewery so can an Admin do this for me.

King & Co pub in Clapham is now brewing at London Beer Lab as a client brewer. Can someone kindly set this up for me?


Not convinced that they should be added a a brewery. Already on Untappd but Untappd also has Westherspooons as a brewery?! LBL just brewed some beers for an event and a house Pilsener.

Well, the guy working in the King & Co goes down there and brews the beers there - so it’s not really anything comparable to Wetherspoons. And they are brewing several of their own beers a year, which so far I haven’t been able to list. Do you suggest that they are listed as London Beer Lab beers? At LBL you can go down there and gypsy brew, so that wouldn’t really be accurate?

The reason this interested me is that I’d previously read on Twitter that one of their guys had been at Elusive working on a beer. These appear to be one-offs for special events, the same way that people incorrectly list those beers brewed for local BrewDogs as colabs. Are they actually brewing a third party premises or just arranging one-offs/that one house Pilsner with they list as LBL.

I’m going to ask LBL.

It seems to me that the people from the pub go to LBL and brew a few beers to go through their own pub. They are not a brewery as such i.e not registered as a brewery nor do they pay the duty on the beer, that would be done by LBL presumably.
This would make them a brand in the London Beer Lab listing, which is distinguishable from Wetherspoons who just ask breweries to nominate which beers they could provide for them.