New city maps are great but

Please bring back the ability to check in @services

Just arrived in Dublin so the new city place maps will be very helpful as we tour round - but without check-in I won’t remember everywhere we go and then probably won’t place rate either…

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How are these maps great? This is the worst “improvement” so far, if this is how the maps are going to be. There is a blue circle where that place is only. How do we get to a map where you can zoom out and see the other places near by?

There is new map functionality doing exactly that now on places. It has replaced the old broken test maps accessible via places/country/city/map. At least it is having accessed it on my phone today for Dublin:

I see where with this link you can zoom out and see the different places, but when I go to a place page and click on the map I only get a blue circle for only that place.

Without the checkin I just randomly rated the places I went to recently, then once back home edited the rating with proper text and updated score if needed.

Though I too want the checkin back, as stated before.

As for the maps (replying to all at once), ot is not an improvement for the sake of it, the google maps were no longer available for this use, so something new was needed.

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That one I think is by design, to zoom in on the selected one?

Why? Where do you have to go to get a map that includes that place and where you can zoom in and out and see the other places near by?

You guys talking aboot clicking on the address of the place?

You can get to the map with everything by going to a specific city or metro and selecting Beer Place Map at the top.

I do think some different colors for different types of places would be a nice improvement.

Some things ongoing is discussed here, including colors:

JStax FTW. I did not know that was there and this will work fine.

Different kinds of places seem to have different colors for me.

It seems that if a place is not listed under a place listing, the place does not show up on the map though.

Yes, please bring back check ins! I know some people get grumpy about that being too heavily featured on untappd, and that we ought to be different, but remember we invented that shit. Also the awards - it’s just that we don’t have 5000 badges. Just a few here and there.

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How do you access the city maps? Nothing comes up on my phone for cities and when i click maps on a place listing the usual “we’re working on that” message comes up.

Refer to JStax’s description above. It will be the old map, but you can spatially see the places.

Mat I’m going trough Safari on an iPhone. Go through places, country, city to bring up list then map and you (well I do anyway) get the new map with all the icons, filter, zoom in/out etc. No more broken google maps. Ok so the map isn’t interactive when you’re in the place itself but accessing via places is much improved. BUT I WANT TO CHECK IN @services

I tend to plan the route and then add a list to Google Maps. Much more useful for directions, I can add notes (i.e Sahti) etc.

I am a bit concerned that people forget where they’ve been. May want to cut down on the beer😁 (Could star the pubs that have been visited).


Maps are much better with the new design. Used them a couple of days abd the icons are pretty cool.

It would really be useful to say where you are located and what is nearby.

Bring back check ins!


Why was “Places not visited” filter disabled in new layout?

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