New Cookies AND Tracking policy?

"#### Cookies & Privacy

We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. This website can only display its content once you accept the sites cookies. Additionally, we use tracking technologies to analyze your use of this website,"
Is this new or just the new owners ramping up the shitty pop ups and ads i dont need ?
Whatever i can block them anyway.
My hiatus from the site is over. its permenant now.i am done with RB/InBev .
Met some great people here, learned a lot about beer and enjoyed the last 16 years …but I cant take this corporate crap in my free time, its bad enough I have to do it at work.
Anyway goodbye and good luck and shove your cookies up your arse


Meh, I’ll still hang around, rate some beers, post pics in the “what ya drinkin” thread, and hope at least some of the many problems get fixed.

and complain about the site in the forums :sunglasses:

Hi @reid ,

We’ve had the cookie notification on all pages since last year, to comply with GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) rules where websites need to explicitly inform users that cookie are used. Most modern websites use cookies, which are small pieces of data stored on visitor’s device. This isn’t something new, but information that we need to show now that the EU regulation is in place.


So, how bout that free download of user data then?

You realize its not specifically about the notification, right? And the tracking.