New feed: first glimpse

This is a sneak preview

to do:

  1. cards asking users if they liked a type of content or not. “Is this interesting?” “Yes / No”
  2. ratings of places local to you
  3. periodic updates of top beer of the month in your favorite style(s)
  4. managing of your favorite styles (multiple, like friends and breweries)
  5. analytics
  6. milestones
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Comments? Suggestions?

I got no location found even though I have all that on my profile. Shrugs.

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Me too

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i should change the language. i added a new field so you need to resave

@joet I can’t see a new field (Chrome on iPhone), but I can see “State” twice:

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The new field is invisible to users. I find lat lon from address parts and store an estimate so that we don’t need to send your address to google every time we do something related to location. it greatly reduces our exposure of your sensitive info.

you just need to click save at the bottom and the info gets stored

But I have, many times…


I’m seeing that it’s saved. are you still getting the message that you have no location?

I am.

Same for me. No location despite clicking on save.

The feed recommends that I review a “nearby” brewpub in Fiji that is out of business. :joy:


Yessir. At least I have an AleSmith Spezial Pils to enjoy meanwhile :wink:

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I get Taiwan:


Funny, I get those too. So we’re all somewhere between Belgium and Taiwan.

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@Bitterbill Cool, you’re in Taiwan too. We should meet up! :wink:

@YantarCoast You should join us too!

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Sure are a lot of non Taiwanese here, eh?

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I go all the way to Taiwan to get away from it all, and all I see around me are effing people from RB :wink:

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Lol I’m getting places in Los Angeles… I live in the UK :slight_smile:

@joet On desktop, can you make it fill the width of the site? It’s way too narrow, look:

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