New feed: first glimpse

Mine is telling me that I have no friends😢

Edit: actually it says 'many friend’s but still quite insulting. :grinning:

Although a standard message stating ‘You have no friends’, would not get passed the well-being team at work (yes, that’s an actual job).

Also I am getting updates for places in London as well as Surrey (Mayfair and Pimlico). How far a radius does it cover.

It’s working for me now.

But… I would suggest that you stop the system from recommending that I review places that are out of business.


Yeah, it recommended a Sanford’s that closed years ago. I was the one that submitted the edit.

Just had another look. I’m being recommended places that are actually near me now so it looks like that’s been fixed? So far none of the places are ones I’ve actually been to, though I guess it’s basically impossible for you to know this unless we’ve checked in there and not rated. Maybe asking us if we want to visit it? We should be able to hide any recommendations we don’t care about though, and conversely, add ones we do care about to a list of some sort?

I still HATE the fact the feed is not in chronological order, by all means slot in place suggestions wherever, but don’t mess with the date order of everything else, it makes no sense. My friends’ beer ratings, place ratings, beers/places added should all be chronological and work how they do in the current Latest Activity page.

And please make the feed wider, as I said in my previous post it’s far too narrow on desktop which is what I am mostly using for RB.

Yes please can you explain a bit about the new onboarding and leveling process for users? Like @Viper666.Qc I am a MASTER at level 100 with 40367 experience points. Is there actually going to be 100 levels (maybe a bit excessive?). How will users level up? What things give us xp? I assume ratings for one, but how many points per thing we do? I’m really curious how this will work. 40k points for my 2.6k ratings and handful of place ratings is a crazy number.


I got 7 points for rating the closed Sanford’s.

It asks for State (US only) twice only the second time you can choose between Male or Female. @joet

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There are two drop down menus to choose favorite beer style and country, but no header for them. @joet

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I like the colours for every category, place ratings, locally available etc, only the grey for friend->beer rating I find a bit dull. Maybe change to a light green one? @joet

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This is exactly what I get as well

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After saving it’s resolved, but I don’t know how I scored 60 thousand plus points to become a Master.

I have to save my information everytime to see my results.

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An “l” has gone missing in following


Hmmm, something is off with the counts:

Whereas if you go to , he has only logged 14 ratings today. If it is indeed “52 ratings”, it would count all ratings going back to September 8th. I assume this is not intentional?

@joet ?

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yes, it goes back two weeks right now, i’ll either provide the date span or adjust based on visitation frequency

Thanks! The fix will roll out in the next update.

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Woops… posted this in the old thread. Will delete and post in joets new one.

Where do I find this feed page?

Never mind.

Looks like it’s been fixed.